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I think it’s really about time for me to actually write a blog post about what has happened lately. I am just so busy with work that I don’t have time for blogging. I don’t have work on weekends but I mostly spend my rest days just relaxing and watching downloaded TV shows. If I’m anything right now then I guess I am a TV junkie. Tho technically, I am a downloaded TV show junkie. LOL Back on weekends. Actually, it’s either I’m resting on weekends, or working unofficially because I want to be prepared during actual work hours as the expectations and deadlines are very scary. It’s actually kind of stressful. (◎_◎;)

Although, I said that work is stressful, I’m actually enjoying it so far. Without it, I wouldn’t have learned new things about WordPress and PHP and I probably would just be lazing around like before if I didn’t have this job. I am surprised at myself that I can actually work everyday. How are you guys ever do it? Hehehe I don’t know if I’m gonna have this job for a long while but I guess I am grateful that I kind of leveled-up because of this experience.

I am looking forward to actually use what I’ve learned in my own themes. The question is, when will I get to use it? I guess maybe on weekends. If I have the spare time.

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Breaking The Habit

I’m back. I can’t believe I’m back blogging. I think it’s been like a month since which is a shame because I swore to myself that I’m gonna blog daily. I know. What a total fail. DX

I really need that push that will make me blog again (or do something that doesn’t involve procrastinating) so I decided to make a new layout again. (I know, again!) Actually, I sold the previous layout hehehe so I don’t have the right to use it anymore. Thus, my need to make a new layout. The current layout, which I want to call “Breaking The Habit” (because I want to break my unproductive ways which started… last November! T.T), is based from a draft layout I made for YGLadies. I’m not sure about that YGL layout’s outcome. I bet the team will add fansite-y things that will make it awesomely different. Me, I fell in love with the simplicity of it that I decided to use it. I hope I made it a bit different. (And better?)

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Yo have to watch this live-action drama, okay? Check D-addicts for episode downloads. Softsubs can be found here!

Sorry this is a day late. I was busy. hehe Anyway! Scary episode is scary! Love every second of it. The manga and anime version of this episode were pretty interesting but this one is just plain scary. Really scary. Did I mention that I love it?

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HBO Girls

So I started watching HBO Girls (wiki). Season 1 was great. I just love watching about modern women and their struggles. I like the comedy in season 1 and the sex scenes are well, sex scenes. LOL I also love that they are using some really awesome music at the end of every episodes. The one that was really memorable was when they used Wonderwall by Oasis. I love that song!

I find myself getting into the story. Sometimes, I can relate to all the girls. Hannah and her emotions. Marnie and her struggles. Jessa and her beliefs. Shoshanna and her virgin self. There was this episode about Jessa and her Dad. I totally, well kind of, relate to it. When you start getting emotional and honest with your parents, you know, they always fail you. Ugh well, anyway…

Adam and Hannah were the cutest couple! I so love them in season 1.

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Yay for xxxHOLic Live-action Drama Episode 2~! (ノ ̄ー ̄)‥‥…━━━━━☆( ̄  ̄)………( ̄∇ ̄) I have to yet watch this with English subs. I’m still waiting for the subber. English subs are here! I’m patient so it’s okay but with this rate, I’m not sure if I can blog about this weekly per episode. I was planning to but now, not so sure.

They skipped some chapters but so far it’s still great. The monkey paw arc is one of the memorable early arcs for me.  It was just mysterious and intriguing.

Monkey paw - xxxHOLiC Live-action drama episode 02

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