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A few months back, I did a post introducing our then-new cat, Menma. 3 months later, we fortunately got a chance to get a shih tzu dog and we named her Ushio. I failed to do an introduction post for her. I wish I did. Because now… now she’s already dead.

So in memory of Ushio, I will do an introduction post. So please, meet my beloved Ushio:

Ushio, 5 months ago

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Happy 2014! I know it’s like 3 months late but a lot of things had happened and I had no time to blog… or was lazy. Anyway, I’m gonna try to blog right now cos it’s been a while and I kinda miss it. :p This one will be a “Life Updates” post cause it’s very fitting given that it’s been 6 months since I last posted and like I said, a lot has happened.

Life Updates by Rozeh

I quit from last year’s job.

I’m talking about my home-based job from last year’s. Finally after a lot of thought, I resigned from that job. Especially after something happened. I can’t talk about it but I guess I was relieved I finally quit.

I got a new job but got laid off after 3 months.

Last year, I got like, two calls from this HR person from this company and asked me if I can go to them and take a test. I refused because I was committed to my home-based job. So after I resigned, I contacted this company and asked if a job is still available. Luckily, they responded and I got scheduled for a technical exam. After the exam (which is like 4 or 5 hours o_O), I got interviewed and got the job. I’m never really the kind of person who actually “works” (LOL) but since the place was just near and I finished and passed the exam, I gave it a try.

I was like a trainee for a month before actually working in the production area. (it’s a BPO company for graphic design, I think?) The work is okay technically but asdfghjkl the working hours was just unbelievable! We were working for like 13 hours, even more. Every morning was a battle for me, whether I want to go to work or not. It was just so tiring! My daily routine was like this – go to work, sleep, go to work, sleep. I didn’t actually had the time to properly browse the internet and do what I used to do. And my sleep was not even okay. Like I said, everyday was a friggin’ battle.
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byousoku 5cm
I just realized I haven’t blogged for over a month! *gasp* Right now, I’m waiting for my Mcnuggets (Yes, I know it’s bad for me!) so I figured I should take the chance to blog now while waiting. It should be here by the time I finish this. Or… I don’t know.

Anyways, HELLO OCTOBER! (/*^^)/!! I know… I know, I’m like 20 days late. I’ve been very busy.. kinda over the past month hence thew lack of blog posts. I could have posted during the weekends but I’d rather do nothing and lay down than use my fingers… and brain.

For the few days now, I’ve been trying to update/sort my Anime MP3 collection. I haven’t actually tried to sort it or listen to it in maybe almost a decade. I’m kinda OC when it comes to my music collection so I’m kind of starting from the beginning again and by that I mean going to and browsing from A-Z. Here’s what I’m doing: I redownload anime songs I know from the past as well as anime songs from anime series I watched over the years that I don’t have yet. And then, I also fix the mp3 tags to the correct official title and artist (mostly I find the kanji/kana titles if it’s the official). And I also find the official cover of OST or the artist’s single cover. This is a very troublesome thing to do, I know. It’s like work T.T But I can’t help it~

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So I suddenly remember that I had a site for poems before, you know poems about life, love, and sadness that I made. Although I never actually maintained it like this blog. Hmm, maybe I lost interest in making poems that time? Well these poems are made in 2004-2005 and I stopped making poems during that time so maybe I did lost interest. But at the moment, I’m thinking I should write poems again.

So I’m thinking, I should post the poems I posted in my old poems site for Throwback Thursday post and for this Thursday’s poem, I’m posting a poem I made that time called Mind, Heart, Body and Soul:

Look into my mind , within me
Full of questions and still confused
I have no choice but to refuse
The things, the way it used to be
But still, my mind yells for nothing

Look into my heart, within me
The blood that runs within my veins
Flowing through, just like when it rains
My heart, I want you to see
But still, my heart beats for nothing

Look at this body, within me
That forces to do some things
I have to, to get what life brings
To live is to cherish, maybe
Still, my body lives for nothing

Look into my soul, within me
The ‘very me’, you have to know
I am not sure about it though
You have to see what lies in me
But still, my soul cries for nothing

You know what. I get this poem. I used to be and think like this.

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a long. I just haven’t get to it until now. I just want to have this dedication post (aside from the very first post but it was more like an introduction post) to this awesome song that I based my domain (or site) name from. Well, it’s none other a song by Utada Hikaru and obviously it’s called “Kettobase!”

Credit: Raul-kun for subbing and Utada Hikaru herself for writing the song! :)

It’s really such a cool and groovy song. I really love the tune and the lyrics! Actually I just learned the English translation and I can so relate it to. :D

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