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Reading a book

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Have you tried to buy Amazon books? I mean, have you shopped books online?

I did. Mostly, I bought my books online from our local bookstores’ websites (such as National Bookstore and Powerbooks). I did bought some books from Amazon before  – Harry Potter Books: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages (yes, those textbooks :D ) and xxxHolic volume 1 (a comic book).

I’m not really a book reader but I’m following Haruki Murakami’s works right now. The last one I read was Sputnik Sweetheart (which I didn’t like that much). When I have the time, I’ll probably pick South of the Border, West of the Sun next.

Aside from Haruki Murakami, I’d like to read some good novels or follow a new author’s works. Any suggestions?

Sputnik Sweetheart I’m currently reading Spider Sputnik by Haruki Murakami. The cover on the left is exactly the cover or edition I bought. I wonder who that girl is portraying? Sumire? Miu?

Anyway, I’m on page 100 something. So far, the book is just “okay” for me. I don’t know why. Even though Sumire reminds me of my former friend, I like her. By the way, I love the name Sumire. It just sounds nice to me.

I think I kinda hate K. I don’t really like guys who are …. torpe. (Torpe <a filipino slang> is when a guy doesn’t know how to approach or confess to the girl they like.) Well, he can’t actually do anything because Sumire has already fallen deeply in love – not with him but with someone else.

I hate unrequited love that’s why I know I will have a hard time finishing this one.

Oh, the girl in the cover probably is cholesterol-free? I bet she doesn’t need any cholesterol treatment. I bet I do. orz

I can’t believe I’ve just lived through 3 days without internet! I have tons of downloads – anime and drama and other stuff – and uploads for my uploads blog. And I need to finish my tasks with a client – well I want to call him my client. LOL. It sounds cool. Feels like what I do is cool. :B):

I haven’t blog for like a month? Actually, I’ve been an inactive blogger this year. =_= I really don’t know what happened to me. OTL Well anyways, since  we had no internet I had the time to start to blog.

So where should I start? Right now, I’m listening to Big Bang so I’m going to start with Big Bang.  :grin: I’m totally so into them! Well, I think I’ve mentioned this already in one my previous posts. :P Well in that post, I only listened to some of their songs but now, I think I’ve listened to most, if not all of their songs. I’ve also started to download their PVs/MVs. I’m starting to get very picky with the video quality. :haha: I got used to HD stuff with 2NE1 performances and other videos that I tend to download only those with 100+ mb file size.

ZONE: Band Idol ♥

ZONE: Band Idol ♥

I’ve also been listening to ZONE again. I kinda forgot about them when I got into the 2NE1 fandom but today when I listened to their music, I fell in love again. :heart2: I guess ZONE will always be in my favorite-artists list. So far, my favorites are ZONE, 2NE1, Big Bang and Arashi. I thought I love Hata Motohiro but I can’t bring myself to listen to him again. I’m not really sure why. I tried the other day and I quickly changed to Big Bang. Maybe I’m not in the mood for his kind of songs? As for a solo female artist, I listen to Utada Hikaru and I like her songs. I even named this domain after one of her songs but overall, well – I don’t know but she’s not in my favorite list. Maybe because I’m not really updated with her stuff. But yeah, I love Ketobase! :music:

As of now, I only listen to Jpop and Kpop. I used to listen to western and Filipino back in High School but they’re not my thing now. – I just… lost interest, I don’t know why. – Or maybe, I just don’t know much about new artists of today? I’ve only been into Japanese entertainment for like 2 or 3 years. And I entered the K-fandom just recently.

Last week, I bought Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I’ve read After Dark and Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman before and I really like his style. I’ve read Norwegian Wood for like 3 days. I love it and the same time, hate it.  :lookaround: I mean I kinda hate the main guy and I definitely hate Naoko. I don’t understand her. I’m pretty emotionally unstable myself but I’d like to think I’m not that unstable. My favorite character is Midori because I want to be like her. _^_

Next on my list is Sputnik Sweetheart. Not sure when I’ll buy it though. I have a lot of things in my to-buy list! :!2: Like mangas (Kimi ni Todoke, Itazura na Kiss and Nodame Cantabile), Bigbang, Arashi and ZONE albums and yeah, Haruki Murakami books. I don’t know if I can buy that all but I really want to.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced something like – well I can’t think of the right words. Dropping the soap during baths reminds me of a certain Science class in my first year in high school. My teacher mentioned a joke, something like if you drop a soap, you should “wash” it before you use it in your body again. Then he said something like probably some of us don’t wash it and just continue on with using it. :laugh2: . I wonder why we were talking about dropping soaps that day. I don’t really remember. That’s like 10 years ago. I’m so old.

Everytime I read aloud, I always get reminded of that day when I was in my friend’s house. We were talking about English speaking skills and then my friend read something aloud. Her mother commented something about her reading and then I read something aloud too. Her mother then told us I sounded like a Visayan (Parang Bisaya). It was a probably just a joke but well honestly, now that I think about it, it was quite offending. Well anyway, so everytime I read something aloud, I think of that day and that I really hate that comment.