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I thought I’d update this blog with what has happened since I last posted.

I’m actually kind of still working on this current WordPress theme right now. In fact, I’m not yet done improving this one. Well, it is actually finished already. The customization for Kettobase is what I’m still doing. DONE!

If you’ve seen the previous version, you’ve noticed that I changed it a little. Actually, it got changed quite a bit. I wasn’t satisfied with the previously look so I added some colors (style switcher) and some features. The core codes has been changed actually. I made it so it’s easily customizable. I made it that way because I’m planning to release this as a free theme soon. *crosses fingers for template sponsors* As much as I really want to release all my themes for free, I need money and this is my only job. =P

Enough of that, that kind of topic is more for my other blog, Technowish.Net, which sadly, I haven’t updated since February. T^T Hopefully with the free theme release, I may be able to update it. Let me talk about the features I added when I’m ready to post the theme. Stay tuned! ▼ω▼

Anyway, last Sunday I went to see my high school friends. I haven’t seen them since December. To be honest, I was kind of avoiding them because all I did was gain weight recently and I don’t want them to see me this way. Not that they haven’t seen me this big but I want to go public when I’m… smaller. Kekeke
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