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I used to watch jdramas somehow religiously every season (you know picking up new jdramas every season, that stuff..) but when we moved places last late 2010, I kinda put my watching on hiatus and then had forgotten a bit about it eventually. The last drama I picked in 2010 was Nino’s drama Freeter, Ie wo Kau. I only finished it recently actually. I also tried to watch Aiba’s recent drama, Bartender when it was airing but since, like I said, I was out of the jdrama loop, I had forgotten about it too after I watched episode three. I recently finished it too. Freeter can be a good drama depending on your opinion. I like it because I just really like inspirational dramas. Bartender, on the other hand, is a bit boring.

I also recently (last night) finished watching Sho’s recent drama (which is really recent – it was a Fall 2011 drama), Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De. LOL The title is too hard to remember for me so Nazodi for short. Initially, I believe that this series is boring because of the repetitive episode formats but overall, it was very entertaining. Plus, Sho’s in it and he’s my favorite Arashi member.

I plan to watch some 2011 dramas like Marumo no Okite (Ashida Mana-chan is just so effing cute!) and then I shall fully go back to Jdrama this 2012 – starting with MatsuJun’s drama, Lucky Sevem. :P

Btw, happy new year! :]

PS: We recently got a wireless mouse and keyboard. It’s pretty convenient especially if we just wanna watch and we can use the mouse away from the PC. Yatta!

Actually, it arrived weeks ago but I just now had the time to blog about it. When it comes to Arashi, I always can’t get limited edition ones cos I think, Arashi fans are super fast to pre-order. [shocked] So this one is regular edition:

Arashi - Beautiful World (Regular Edition CD)

In the album, my personal favorites are rock this, Lotus, morning light, To be free, and Sho’s solo (of course! /heart3 ), Kono mama motto. /peacesign Some are from past singles while others like rock this, morning light, and Kono mama motto are exclusively from this album.

To be free live performance, sorry can’t find a working PV stream link.

Lotus PV

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Dear Crush,

I don’t have a RL crush right now (Well aside from already being taken, I’m 98% hikkikomori so I only know a few people.) And since you’re the only one I can think of when the word ‘crush’ comes to my mind, well I guess your are my crush. Why? Because you make me smile and happy, especially when I’m watching you with your adorkable friends.

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