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Surely, marathoning tv shows.

I hate my life. Do you know that I haven’t really earned much this year? I blame myself because I procrastinate a lot. And it always ends in not doing what has to be done. Hubby-san said I could just work for like 3 hours a day and I can do whatever I want for the rest of the day. He’s right, of course he’s right. But why am I not doing it? I don’t know! *brb crying*

I just need to freaking start right?

I’m the kind of person who needs a lot of things. And this is my need-list at the moment:

Internet. I need and I yearn for well uhm, faster downloads! Like I said before I’m downloading A LOT and my current internet connection can’t keep up with my download list. #ambivalent# Everyday, I kind of imagine that my net speed is 1 megabyte per second – and that will take a 350mb download in 5-6 minutes! (I think.) That’s one episode of an anime or a tv show! #devil# I can probably watch a lot of Arashi videos in one day. I know 1mb/s (I mean real 1 megabyte download per second) is not really that high, let’s say compared to your connection speed – but you know, I’m living in freaking Philippines~ My dream of 1mbps speed is Philippine-ish~ enough.

HD/space. We actually have a lot of space here but it all belong to my hubby. Besides his old HDs, he has, I think two 1TB hard disks. I asked him to give one to me but he refused. :angry: LOL Maybe I should just burn my files but I think I haven’t burned anything since early 2010?

Time. With all the stuff I’m watching (shows), playing (video games) – and other stuff I’m doing (like cooking or sometimes FB-ing or twittering), I really need more time. I actually don’t have much room for work activities. ^^; Am I a bum? A NEET? Now that I think about it, this is kind of depressing. T^T I know I should just lessen those nonsense stuff I’m doing. But I just can’t stop, not right now. OMG, this reminded me of an early chapter in xxxHolic! You know, that wife who was addicted to the internet to the point that her addiction is affecting her family? I actually just re-read that a few days ago. I hope I’m not like that because there’s no Yuuko irl to save me! *LOL* Speaking of xxxHolic, gaawwd it’s going to end this February. I think Yuuko’s back! I just hope it’s going to end in happy-ending and in a real closure and not to mention, explain things unlike its sister manga *cough*TRC*cough*.

Anyway, since I’m at the topic of shows and video games, I’ll write a little more about what I’m watching and playing right now. Game first. I’m currently playing, in a PS1 emulator in our PC, Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I’m not really a gamer actually but I’m pretty new to Persona. My hubby introduced it to me and he said I should play Persona 3 after this. Now, why he didn’t let me play the 1st persona, idk. But yeah, I’m gonna play Persona 3 sooner or later, that is, if I can finish Persona 2. *LOL*

Regarding what I’m watching right now, I started with the season 1 of The Big Bang Theory! It’s really hilarious~ Aside from that, I think I’m watching Doctor Who 2005 (like I previously mentioned in my old post) and I think I’m gonna start with Veronica Mars season 1 too, maybe later because my hubby just got a copy~ Why oh why didn’t get hooked to American/British shows before? I guess I was blinded by anime and pretty Asian boys. *kekeke*

Back to the main topic, I need more pushing I guess. I usually procrastinate most of the time and it bothers me to be honest. So I want to focus more on working than this fangirl~ish things. But how/when/where to start? Hmm.

I’ve been quite busy lately. Not just with housewife~ish work but also, I’ve accepted a custom website design request (and a little bit webmaster work) last week. It’s for a kpop shop and it’s a request from someone who’s a friend of one of the admins of 2NE1PH. It’s not really something hard to do but I admit, I slacked off quite a bit in the past 2-4 days. [-_-] Sigh.

Speaking of 2NE1PH, I’ve renewed it’s domain, Actually, I’ve transferred it from this-registrar to that-registrar. It’s my first time doing it and I didn’t know transferring domains are quite the process.

Here’s some acne products that will really cure those nasty acne.

Speaking, again, of 2NE1, I’ve heard 2NE1 TV is already finished? Omo, I think the last episode I watched was episode 5. I need to catch up but oh boy, I’m watching so many shows/series! And we still don’t have a stable, quite-fast internet. v.v I know I need to drop shows or I need to drop shows!

Anyway, I recently found out the the lyrics of Arashi’s Mada Ue Wo [Higher Still] (which is in the Boku no Miteiru Fuukei album) is hot! Naughty Arashi is naughty LOL

So I switched to a new hosting. I encountered a lot of problems in my previous host that I think the best solution is to really move to a new host. I hope this one is reliable. 八(^□^*)

Anyway, so since I’m with a new host, I think it’s just right to have a new layout! So I present you this so-pink-with-a-little-purple-and-blue wordpress theme~ It’s kinda girly, no? This is so not like me in real life. LOL It took me like, more than three days to finish this. (My friend procrastination visited me for quite a lot of times this week – or two weeks [sweatdrop]) I want to call this theme WP-Hime because of the character I made (which has a crown now that’s why it’s hime. Hime = Princess in Japanese)

Check out the Best Buy deals at

Btw, I already used that character before. I actually made it. [:3] Tho this time, I did some changes. You could say it’s a level up from its previous look. [XD]

I am back! I so miss blogging! Here’s what happened: I had some issues with the web host so I decided that I should move. Actually, I did move but since I can’t access the cpanel with the new host and the old host can’t refund the money which I understand. ;> and I was in a rush, too, to make my domain up again because I wouldn’t get all the due payments from the paid blogging I did for the last three weeks, I moved back to my old (now current again) host. Well apparently, the problem is now fixed. Thanks, Fia. :3

Anyway, remember this post? You know what, I wish that I didn’t post it. I think it jinxed my plan. I mean, right after I posted it, my blog went down so some payment got on hold. I also got hooked to playing Rockband , hence, I procrastinated a lot. (tears)

Speaking of Rockband, there’s a voting going on at Jrock Revolution. Apparently, Harmonix (the creator of Rockband) approached to know what J-rock songs and artists the fans want in Rockband. Yes, expect some J-rock songs in the games soon! :haha: I’m so excited for this. I’m not a big J-rock fan but I think they should really add some L’Arc~en~Ciel songs. I think it’s really a must.

Go vote now!