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Haven’t posted in a while. March is a lucklaster month for me. I was procrastinating the whole month and nothing really great happened. Except for being a YGLadies tech admin and getting 2NE1 – SCREAM copy. I’m excited for it to arrive in my door step. <3

I have new plans again. For this site and possible new sites. I think I am going to clean again. And then incorporate some ideas. I hope I can keep up with this idea lol.

Also, I think I want to launch a new site – a collective domain. Of course, this comes with some new sites under it. I always wanted to have a collective domain. Even way before. But I went to the domain blog path because it was the most convenient choice.

I hope April will be good to me.

K-On Yui lazily rolling
I’ve been so lazy lately. Tho I’m coding right now for work, I don’t think it will be finish anytime soon. I don’t feel like blogging either or updating this or my other site. I don’t feel doing my house duties too. I’m not even in the mood to eat. Can you believe that? I’m not depressed or something. I’m just feeling lazy. I just want to lie down or watch shows or do nothing… just you know, let time pass. This is wrong right? I’m wasting my life.

Besides that, I’m thinking of archiving my blog posts here. Like, removing them and placing them somewhere else. The site is getting crowded.

I am so not in the mood to do… anything.  I think maybe it is because I slept at around 4am last night (or earlier) doing nothing.  Really.  Nothing. I just wasted my time sitting in our sofa (which is brand new, by the way) talking to/watching Floyd doing his thing. So now, currently,  I am sabog / sleepy / dizzy or whatever.  I feel like I just want  to lay down or something.  Tho, tho,  I’m kind of tempted to continue on my Pokemon White journey. I just got my DS back  after my cousin borrowed it for weeks.

Anyway, I can’t believe I’ve already catched up with the latest Doctor Who (Series 6).  I think the show went on a different direction after Steven Moffat took over.  Off course it’s good different not bad different -  I love it! I am loving the Eleventh Doctor. Matt Smith is amazing. But I still want my Tenth Doctor!


I went to out today with mother to pay for our electricity bill then we ate at Mang Inasal for lunch. I ate a lot o_o like 4 servings of rice. *LOL* I blame the unlimited rice they offer. It’s so tempting. ^^; I think it’s good to have a good lunch but I think it’s not so good to be bloated when you’re in the mall – good thing, something didn’t get upset. *haha*

Right now, I don’t have much money. T^T Hubby-san was the one who paid for our electricity bill but it’s under my responsibilities. I can’t track the past weeks that passed – not sure what and how things happened but I guess I procrastinated again. *hides* That’s probably why I’m broke again. Hul!

I guess things could just be easy if I have an actual job, let’s say – something in sales jobs department? Oh well, I’m not really someone who’s good at sales. I guess I’ll just really have to work hard in this path I’ve chosen.

:lookaround: I don’t know when was the last time I blogged about myself. But really, with this uneventful life of mine, there’s nothing to blog. Well right now, I haven’t created a theme (for work) for a month already. You can say I’m lazy (and/or procrastinating) but I’m just like, not in the mood.

I got a Nintendo DS Lite a few days ago so I’ve been playing Pokemon games and Ace Attorney games for the last few days. Actually, I’m so into Ace Attorney games right now. I think this is my newest fandom~ (heart2)

I started to eat less rice.  (nomnom) It has been a week actually. I think I’m beginning to not crave for more food. Yeah, I think so.

As for exercise, it’s not an everyday thing for me but I did exercise for the past week. And my fitness equipment is… my Nintendo Wii! :haha: