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Breaking The Habit

I’m back. I can’t believe I’m back blogging. I think it’s been like a month since which is a shame because I swore to myself that I’m gonna blog daily. I know. What a total fail. DX

I really need that push that will make me blog again (or do something that doesn’t involve procrastinating) so I decided to make a new layout again. (I know, again!) Actually, I sold the previous layout hehehe so I don’t have the right to use it anymore. Thus, my need to make a new layout. The current layout, which I want to call “Breaking The Habit” (because I want to break my unproductive ways which started… last November! T.T), is based from a draft layout I made for YGLadies. I’m not sure about that YGL layout’s outcome. I bet the team will add fansite-y things that will make it awesomely different. Me, I fell in love with the simplicity of it that I decided to use it. I hope I made it a bit different. (And better?)

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I know I mentioned in a blog post before that it’s possible that Floyd (my common-law husband) might buy a second-hand or used car. At first, I thought that it’s a bit impossible due to our financial status but he hasn’t shrugged off the idea yet so I’m starting to believe that we will have our own car someday. Some people say, if you want to buy a car, then you should just buy a brand-new one than second-hand because they think that second-hands are more costly and hard to maintain. I think it really depends on the owner. In our case, Floyd studied Automotive in college and he’s really knowledgeable about it so I think we’ll do just fine if we buy a used car. I think it’ll be great if we live in Tampa, Florida because there are a lot of great Tampa used cars there.

Right now, I’m kinda inspired so I searched for some inventory list of used cars for sale. For me, any car would do. But I want the color of the car to be light blue-ish or purple XD. I saw a blue car like that and I immediately want it for our car. kekeke Floyd wants a Chevrolet (?) kind of car or something similar so it can be used for other things.

I feel like I’m starting to get excited about this. LOL I even searched for used car videos. Well, I just hope that we will really have our own car someday!

I don’t know what to blog and I’m not in the mood, actually. So I figured I’ll just post pics of our Christmas decos in our (humble) little house. It’s not much, really.

At our wall. I made/"design" this vine thingy. LOL

At our room door. I also made this. This is a bit not complete. I bumped into some balls and it fell. :P I'm too lazy now to put it back. orz

At our front door

I’ve been living with my boyfriend for three years now. Initially, we planned to get married right away but things happened and we’re still common-law husband and wife as of now but I really feel that we’re going to ‘tie the knot’ soon at least just you know, legally. We’re not ready for a wedding yet but we are going to go to the city hall of one of these days. Yes, one of these days. :3

What triggered the decision? Well I got a bit sick and my mother thinks maybe because we don’t have a ‘blessing’ yet or any kind similar that’s why it’s kind of bad luck. Yeah I admit I’m a bit superstitious like that. It’s my upbringing. Floyd has no objections so yeah. ^^v I’m so excited!

Anime character cleaning up the trash
So it has been a month since we have moved in here. I think we have already settled in but there’s just things that irk me. Well actually, just one thing – that we’re not regular cleaners? The place is maybe small (tho it will so much better if it is a little bit, just a little bit bigger?) but it is really quite nice and i is just a waste that we’re not cleaning much? I really do wish I’m better at cleaning. I grew up in an environment where someone (my mother) cleans for me. And I hate the fact that I don’t have the “ability” to do it perfectly or even decently. Floyd can really clean because he had been raised like that. Lucky him. But he would not really do it, maybe not regularly – just once in a blue moon or when I nag about it which is not really nice of me? I think. Well, he has other important things to do, that’s why. And he’s the guy and I’m like, and should be the one in charge of cleaning.

But I will try my best. One at a time.

I already have tickets for THE PARTY: 2NE1 Live in Manila this June 4 in case you haven’t/didn’t read my previous blog entries. I am really excited about and at the same time, having problems. I’m broke! I may have a lower box ticket already but I don’t have a pocket money yet for let’s say, transportation or maybe food expenses. OTL I really should work really hard NOW.

I invited my college friends over here for a somewhat celebration/get-together for the house move. Well, that’s what I want to call it. I just really want to let them know where I live now.