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So a few days ago, I learned about the news from my twitter timeline that 2NE1 will be coming in the Philippines this May 15 for a concert! My reaction: OMO! ASDFGHJKL; *FANGIRL SCREAM* I am so happy that this is happening. I mean, 2NE1 is my bias in K-pop and you know I had dreams (as in that thing we experience during sleep) about them for like, maybe 5 times and it was always about visiting the Philippines and doing a concert. <small class=”reactions”>*LOL*</small> This is definitely a dream come true! (literally)

But I’m just kinda confused with stuff. It is confirmed that 2NE1 is indeed coming to Manila on May 15 but it’s still not really confirmed yet if it’s a solo concert or not. Tho I’ve read that there are talks about front acts? I’m just worried that there are 10 gazillion front acts and then just a little stage time for my dear girls. #confused# I don’t want to spend big if that will be the case. But on the other hand, it’s fcuking 2NE1! And it will be the first time that a group I really really love is coming here. I really want a VIP ticket spot! I’ll definitely work real hard in  the following weeks!

Speaking of work, sales are not that good recently but if I double the work, I think I can achieve what I want. And because I finally learned how to create and implement an options page for my wordpress themes (A big, big thanks to this tutorial!), I think it will give me a plus. Yay. Plus, I’ve finally solved my wp-related problem -  that extra space on top. At first, I thought it was a firefox issue so I upgraded what needs to be upgraded in firefox but it didn’t fixed it. then I came across an issue called “collapsing margins” and thought it was the issue but it was not.  I was really going crazy and then after days of googling, I found out that it was because of wordpress! WordPress 3.1 has this admin nav bar that won’t show if you don’t have the code wp_footer() in your footer.php. I missed that code, so I had that problem. (That’s why I thought it was a firefox issue, because I’m only logged in in firefox!)

Hmmm, I think this is enough for today. Annyeoung!

Like I said in my previous post, I’m trying to read 24 books this 2011. At first, I don’t know how I will manage to do that since the books will definitely cost me a lot of money. I thought of reading ebooks but I get dizzy when I stare at the computer screen for long periods of time so I don’t want ebooks – maybe sometimes, it’s okay. Then, I suddenly thought of used books and searched for those on ebay… I found a seller here in our country who sells used books – I bought two from her: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Two days later (now), I got the books and I’m so glad that they are good as new~ I think, I’m going to have the habit of buying used books from now on.

This is it. I’m officially getting Arashi’s Boku no Miteiru no Fuukei! :sparkle: I’ve been dreaming of owning an Arashi merchandise ever since I became a real Arashi fangirl and finally, it came true today. It’s just Normal edition tho. (Well, if you’re an Arashi fangirl, you know that our ichiban group sells so fast – especially limited editions!) And I only paid 50% of the price. I’ll pay the rest when the CD arrives~ Thank you Eiwa Manga Store for ordering it for me. :heart2: I really like their 50-percent-downpayment-first rule~ [nod] It gives me time to save up money. (thumbs up) (Because, paying for the full amount is a big pain in my bank account.) :lookaround:

Anyway, since I’m talking about fandom already, I might as well talk about 2NE1! [grin] Continue reading Excited!→

I don’t have a lot of things that I want to buy – maybe just a few – but quite expensive. LOL One is the Nintendo DS~ I have an old Nintendo DS before but it was like the oldest edition so I kinda don’t want to use it again. :lookaround:I want a new one. My cousin bought a DS Lite – a pink one – and I so envy her~ :x_x:

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi

I can’t afford a Nintendo DSi or maybe I can afford one but I will be impatient with saving money so I think I’ll settle for just a DS Lite.

In times like this, and with my preferred lifestyle, I think it’s best for me to find a job, a proper and real one.

I am back! I so miss blogging! Here’s what happened: I had some issues with the web host so I decided that I should move. Actually, I did move but since I can’t access the cpanel with the new host and the old host can’t refund the money which I understand. ;> and I was in a rush, too, to make my domain up again because I wouldn’t get all the due payments from the paid blogging I did for the last three weeks, I moved back to my old (now current again) host. Well apparently, the problem is now fixed. Thanks, Fia. :3

Anyway, remember this post? You know what, I wish that I didn’t post it. I think it jinxed my plan. I mean, right after I posted it, my blog went down so some payment got on hold. I also got hooked to playing Rockband , hence, I procrastinated a lot. (tears)

Speaking of Rockband, there’s a voting going on at Jrock Revolution. Apparently, Harmonix (the creator of Rockband) approached to know what J-rock songs and artists the fans want in Rockband. Yes, expect some J-rock songs in the games soon! :haha: I’m so excited for this. I’m not a big J-rock fan but I think they should really add some L’Arc~en~Ciel songs. I think it’s really a must.

Go vote now!