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I don’t think I’m actually a shopaholic. I guess only when I have the extra money. But I do want a lot of things and sometimes, I really hate myself for wanting things. Especially, for wanting those I can’t afford. :/ I usually go for the cheap ones and cute and colorful. *kekeke* but if I saw something quite expensive and I like it, I include it my to-buy list and (at least I want to think that) I’ll try best to buy it.

Just recently, I went on a shopping spree and I bought some new clothes and other stuff. (Maybe I’ll blog about it more in a future post.) There was this shop I went into, it’s called Accessorize I think? I think the shop is based on London? I guess that’s maybe the reason for the price but really, their stuff are really expensive! I mean, I know similar items that are affordable compare to the items they are selling. But I fell in love with a cute (Vintage-y? I’m not sure.) wallet and a bag. I’m definitely sure they are in my to-buy list already!

Cute Wallet from Accessorize

I’m not sure if this is the exact wallet I saw. (I found their London website.) But it definitely looks similar. The price is 700php I think? I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like I can buy something similar for 350-500php? But I really like this one and I’m planning to get this on… well, the next time I have lots of money.

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Colors in the Dark WordPress theme by Rozeh
So the other day, when I was worrying about my lack of concerts (BIGBANG + possible 2NE1) funds, I offered on a whim the wordpress theme I was previously using in this blog. Well, I offered it for sale to a regular buyer of my wordpress themes. Luckily and to my utter surprise, he accepted the offer and bought it even tho I indicated that the theme was preloved unlike my usual wordpress themes for sale which are usually made from scratch and brand new.

Anyway, so I added the money I gained from it to my concert funds but I still have a lot of funds needed not just for the concerts but for bills and living expenses as well. Hul~! I so miss the days when I just have to worry about just saving my daily allowance to buy the things I want. (。┰ω┰。)

I’m dreading to see a barcode scanner in a few days which means it will be time for grocery shopping by then. _| ̄|○

So back to this current theme I’m using, this is pretty similar to the (previous) black~ish theme – the one I sold. I admit this theme is based from it. I really love that design and I’m not ready yet to let go of a dark layout for If you noticed, this one uses yet again a lot of colors. I know I think I have this thing for colorful shades especially rainbow colors. I guess I’m a sucker for rainbows. ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

For the top part background, those circles with rainbow colors above, I ended up with that because I was thinking of a way to not use diagonal patterns. I think I also have the habit to use top diagonal patterns or stripe patterns on my layouts. orz. So to try for something new, I used circles instead. What I love about it is I made those rainbow circles myself. ♥ As for the logo, to be honest, I’m not satisfied with it. I’m going to play around with more to get a satisfactory result. Kekeke.

By the way, I call this theme “Colors in the Dark” for obvious reasons. XD.

If you are looking for someone to design your site, you may contact me. y(^ヮ^)y (Won’t say no to additional concert funds!)

Anime computer girl
Hey guys. I’m not sure if anyone is reading this blog anymore. If you are, can you comment? Just for confirmation. I, myself, has lost interest in updating this blog. Actually, I have new plans for this website. It’s still going to be a blog but more solid with it’s niche and uhm, more organize. Hopefully. It will be on a different new domain (which I haven’t bought yet). I will still keep this domain tho. Because this is the first ever personal domain I own that lasted for more than a year. So this one is special ♥~ I just don’t know what this domain, as in this one, will about yet when I finalize my new blog domain.

The only thing that’s actually keeping me from buying that new domain and relaunching my blog is, well money. I do have funds for it but at the moment, because of BIGBANG’s ALIVE Tour ticket worries, I don’t want to touch my money. Seriously, the ticket prices will definitely be expensive since it’s in Moa Arena. >_< I had saved up a few money for it at first but I already spent it on a whim for grocery stuff. T_T. What hurts more, I spent it on the day more info about the concert were announced. I am so unlucky. ;A;

Right now, I know I should start really working hard to earn money but I'm at the phase where I just want to plan and work on my new blog. I know I haven't bought the new domain yet but I already started setting it up on my own localhost. I already have a the layout for it and it's already coded...


Mou ii. I know I should get back on track!

Recently, I’ve been doing my duties for 2NE1PH and YGLadies. I’m done with 2NE1PH but I’m not still done with the layout I’m coding for YGLadies. I need to finish it today because I’m going to the hospital again tomorrow ~.~; Plus, the sooner the better as I need to work on real work asap so I can have my moolah.

Show Azusa the money

I went to the mall yesterday with mother. Lots of stuff were on sale but the things I want to buy were not. T_T Well, that’s why I need to work real soon. I want to go back there and buy the things that I want. Especially clothes. It’s summer here already and maybe… maybe there’s a possibility that I’ll be attending more than one summer outing. I was thinking that maybe I should have new clothes for the occasions! Haha, yeah I became somewhat vain. LOL

Also recently, Floyd and I are marathoning Mythbusters (which I see a lot of metal buildings in it). We love that show! :]

internet addiction

When I learned how to use the computer and when I finally learned how to use the internet, I admit I got addicted to it – to internet. And then it became my life, really. Unlike, probably, my (former) classmates and people I know in real life who used/use the internet only for school, or work, or now since it’s famous – facebook, I discovered I can learn or do a lot of things in the internet. Of course, those people may have learned other things in the internet as well. I guess the only difference is, they have their real lives while I honestly had put all my attention to online stuff – like watching anime, blogging, posting to forums, etc. I told you, I really did get addicted.

I do think that there are some cases where a student abandoned his/her schooling because he got addicted to playing computer/online games. That kinda happened to me too. Tho, not video games But just my online life in general. To be honest, of course I regret a lot of things. And I really wish I finished college.

I think the only good that happened to me in my online life is (aside from meeting my fiance and some awesome online friends) – learning html and web design. Maybe if not for this, my whole life would have been really wasted. It started as curiosity only then it became a hobby then one day, after all my failures in life, I decided to pursue a career in freelance web design. Then after a while, I started doing other stuff  to earn money online.

Fast forward to now, my life now centers around my real life, living with boyfriend, friends, family and yes earning money online. If you ever want to try earning money online, there a lot of ways. Of course personally, I prefer selling WordPress themes but you can also earn by blogging. If you want to, you can read more about how to make money through blogging.