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The other day I went to see my Ob-Gyne again after months of not staying in touch. To be honest, I was kinda shy about not staying in touch and I kinda don’t want to go because of it but I figured I really need to go if I want my PCOS to be cured and my period to be regular. So what the heck, I finally went and actually the checkup was just fast. (But the process, lining up — wasn’t. Not to mention, I needed to line up for social services so I can get discounts. To be honest, I’m not sure why I signed up to it but my mother insisted.) My doctor just requested a transvaginal ultrasound to check on my PCOS (Or if I have a new cyst – hope not!) since I told her I haven’t got my period since my surgery last May. I really thought I’m done with all the laboratory stuff and ultrasounds and lying in the exam table or bed. I guess I’m back again with those things.

Oh well, that’s life.

Nothing much happened really… except well, I injured my left knee and it still hurts. orz And then I’ve just  been watching Japanese dramas lately:

Marumo no Okite (read the synopsis here:

Marumo no Okite

This is a very touching drama and a bit inspirational and at the same time, very funny. And yeah, I so can relate to it.

Plus the ending song is really cuuuute~ And the kids as well, especially Ashida Mana-chan~ :3

Kaseifu no Mita (read the synopsis here:

Kaseifu no Mita

I’m still not finished with this. So far, it’s great. I’m just really weirded out by Mita’s actions. But if ever, I’ll have a housekeeper like that, I think we’ll get along. XD

Fibal Fantasy IX

Other than watching Jdramas, I’m also playing Final Fantasy IX on our PS3. It’s my first time playing as I never really had the chance to play it before. I’m currently at the forgotten continent.

I’ve been to the doctor for my follow up check up. It turns out I’m fine… a bit. Well, I guess I’m okay. I have moderate fatty liver but the doctor said I don’t need any treatment. I’m still okay.

I’m not going to dig a lot of stuff that happened in my life. Maybe just the recent ones. ('ー') ~ Like going on a diet. A twitter friend suggested to me to try the Atkins diet plan (no rice/bread/sugar, just meat/seafood/veggies). I’ve been doing it for a week already! (〃ω〃) I say, I’m getting used to it. I hope I’m doing this right. 八(^□^*)

Recently, I noticed that my hands wrinkle so quickly when wet. I don’t know if it’s normal but it is certainly bothersome, especially I experience it everyday when I take a bath. (″ロ゛) Anyway, maybe trying some treatment for wrinkles stuff won’t harm me.

Last week, I got the two CDs I ordered online! But I’m going to blog about that on my next post. o(≧∇≦o)

Heeeh. This is the second time I used a part of 2NE1′s Let’s Go Party song. Well, Punta tayo sa fiesta means “Let’s go to Fiesta”. Fiesta, I guess, means festival. I don’t know why they used fiesta. Maybe because we don’t have a Filipino term for party?

Anyway, I am currently here in Las Pinas because we just had our annual fiesta last May 2nd. Any Filipino knows that when it comes to fiesta, it means that there’s a lot of food. I think I kinda ate a lot. orz Maybe it’s time for me to try the best diet pill to flush down what I gain? (And all of the fats I have on my body.) LOL

Sputnik Sweetheart I’m currently reading Spider Sputnik by Haruki Murakami. The cover on the left is exactly the cover or edition I bought. I wonder who that girl is portraying? Sumire? Miu?

Anyway, I’m on page 100 something. So far, the book is just “okay” for me. I don’t know why. Even though Sumire reminds me of my former friend, I like her. By the way, I love the name Sumire. It just sounds nice to me.

I think I kinda hate K. I don’t really like guys who are …. torpe. (Torpe <a filipino slang> is when a guy doesn’t know how to approach or confess to the girl they like.) Well, he can’t actually do anything because Sumire has already fallen deeply in love – not with him but with someone else.

I hate unrequited love that’s why I know I will have a hard time finishing this one.

Oh, the girl in the cover probably is cholesterol-free? I bet she doesn’t need any cholesterol treatment. I bet I do. orz