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I don’t have any idea of what to blog right now. I am trying to to post everyday but I found out that it’s hard because it’s not like I have topics everyday to blog about. Right now, all I can think of are the things that I’m hooked to recently.

I’m hooked to FB games like Pet Rescue Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga.

Pet Rescue Saga I guess they are made by the same people? Based on the titles. My aunt was playing Pet Rescue Saga and she asked for my help last month. At that time, I don’t have any idea about it and I wasn’t planning to play it but I tried it a few days ago out of curiosity and now I’m hooked! But it’s hard~ Well, at least for me. I was stuck at level 16 but I cleared it (because of luck?) and I’m stuck again at level 18. Or 19.

I am also playing Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga but I’m not as hooked. But they are as hard. LOL These games are really amusing. LOL
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Nothing much happened really… except well, I injured my left knee and it still hurts. orz And then I’ve just  been watching Japanese dramas lately:

Marumo no Okite (read the synopsis here:

Marumo no Okite

This is a very touching drama and a bit inspirational and at the same time, very funny. And yeah, I so can relate to it.

Plus the ending song is really cuuuute~ And the kids as well, especially Ashida Mana-chan~ :3

Kaseifu no Mita (read the synopsis here:

Kaseifu no Mita

I’m still not finished with this. So far, it’s great. I’m just really weirded out by Mita’s actions. But if ever, I’ll have a housekeeper like that, I think we’ll get along. XD

Fibal Fantasy IX

Other than watching Jdramas, I’m also playing Final Fantasy IX on our PS3. It’s my first time playing as I never really had the chance to play it before. I’m currently at the forgotten continent.

I’ve been to the doctor for my follow up check up. It turns out I’m fine… a bit. Well, I guess I’m okay. I have moderate fatty liver but the doctor said I don’t need any treatment. I’m still okay.

I’m getting hooked again. LOL While reading my newsfeed on facebook. I stumbled upon a game called Coco Girl. I was surprised to see that it’s a fashion game and was even more surprised that it was very similar, way similar to a Japanese SNS game I play called Poupee Girl.  (Tho, I wasn’t playing Poupee Girl for a long time when I found out about Coco Girl.)  It’s also a fashion game and I’d say Coco Girl is like a more easy version and international version of Poupee Girl.

I say Coco is much easier to play mainly because it’s easier to get rubies in Coco Girl than to get ribbons in Poupee Girl. But the Poupee Market is much, much better than the Coco Market for sure.

Another game I’m hooked to right now is Tetris Battle in FB. *hehe* I love playing Testis before and so when I found out about this game, I immediately tried it. Gah, it’s so addicting~

Outside of Facebook, I’m not playing any games. Tho, I really want to play something on Xbox 360 or PS3 – maybe an RPG. Tho, I know I just have to find the right game for me and have lots of free time because I know once I play something, it’ll will eat up my time.. and productivity. OTL.

When I got hooked to playing poupeegirl last summer (not the Philippine summer but the other countries summer), it was only for a short time. I was definitely not playing it during fall. I guess, you can’t call that addiction. LOL Anyway, I’m playing it again and I hope I can stay much longer. The only downside is, I don’t have much items to post because I’m kind of a dork? :sweatdrop: So it’s kinda hard for me to get ribbons. -_- Oh I hope I won’t get tempted to buy ribbons.

I decided to really read books this year. Signing up at inspired me and so I decided to read 24 books this year. Other people are reading like 60 books per year. But I don’t think I can manage that so I settle for 24 – two books per month. I guess I can do that?

I’m the kind of person who needs a lot of things. And this is my need-list at the moment:

Internet. I need and I yearn for well uhm, faster downloads! Like I said before I’m downloading A LOT and my current internet connection can’t keep up with my download list. #ambivalent# Everyday, I kind of imagine that my net speed is 1 megabyte per second – and that will take a 350mb download in 5-6 minutes! (I think.) That’s one episode of an anime or a tv show! #devil# I can probably watch a lot of Arashi videos in one day. I know 1mb/s (I mean real 1 megabyte download per second) is not really that high, let’s say compared to your connection speed – but you know, I’m living in freaking Philippines~ My dream of 1mbps speed is Philippine-ish~ enough.

HD/space. We actually have a lot of space here but it all belong to my hubby. Besides his old HDs, he has, I think two 1TB hard disks. I asked him to give one to me but he refused. :angry: LOL Maybe I should just burn my files but I think I haven’t burned anything since early 2010?

Time. With all the stuff I’m watching (shows), playing (video games) – and other stuff I’m doing (like cooking or sometimes FB-ing or twittering), I really need more time. I actually don’t have much room for work activities. ^^; Am I a bum? A NEET? Now that I think about it, this is kind of depressing. T^T I know I should just lessen those nonsense stuff I’m doing. But I just can’t stop, not right now. OMG, this reminded me of an early chapter in xxxHolic! You know, that wife who was addicted to the internet to the point that her addiction is affecting her family? I actually just re-read that a few days ago. I hope I’m not like that because there’s no Yuuko irl to save me! *LOL* Speaking of xxxHolic, gaawwd it’s going to end this February. I think Yuuko’s back! I just hope it’s going to end in happy-ending and in a real closure and not to mention, explain things unlike its sister manga *cough*TRC*cough*.

Anyway, since I’m at the topic of shows and video games, I’ll write a little more about what I’m watching and playing right now. Game first. I’m currently playing, in a PS1 emulator in our PC, Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I’m not really a gamer actually but I’m pretty new to Persona. My hubby introduced it to me and he said I should play Persona 3 after this. Now, why he didn’t let me play the 1st persona, idk. But yeah, I’m gonna play Persona 3 sooner or later, that is, if I can finish Persona 2. *LOL*

Regarding what I’m watching right now, I started with the season 1 of The Big Bang Theory! It’s really hilarious~ Aside from that, I think I’m watching Doctor Who 2005 (like I previously mentioned in my old post) and I think I’m gonna start with Veronica Mars season 1 too, maybe later because my hubby just got a copy~ Why oh why didn’t get hooked to American/British shows before? I guess I was blinded by anime and pretty Asian boys. *kekeke*

Back to the main topic, I need more pushing I guess. I usually procrastinate most of the time and it bothers me to be honest. So I want to focus more on working than this fangirl~ish things. But how/when/where to start? Hmm.