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I thought I’d update this blog with what has happened since I last posted.

I’m actually kind of still working on this current WordPress theme right now. In fact, I’m not yet done improving this one. Well, it is actually finished already. The customization for Kettobase is what I’m still doing. DONE!

If you’ve seen the previous version, you’ve noticed that I changed it a little. Actually, it got changed quite a bit. I wasn’t satisfied with the previously look so I added some colors (style switcher) and some features. The core codes has been changed actually. I made it so it’s easily customizable. I made it that way because I’m planning to release this as a free theme soon. *crosses fingers for template sponsors* As much as I really want to release all my themes for free, I need money and this is my only job. =P

Enough of that, that kind of topic is more for my other blog, Technowish.Net, which sadly, I haven’t updated since February. T^T Hopefully with the free theme release, I may be able to update it. Let me talk about the features I added when I’m ready to post the theme. Stay tuned! ▼ω▼

Anyway, last Sunday I went to see my high school friends. I haven’t seen them since December. To be honest, I was kind of avoiding them because all I did was gain weight recently and I don’t want them to see me this way. Not that they haven’t seen me this big but I want to go public when I’m… smaller. Kekeke
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Again, I am not in the mood. Maybe because I am just really tired from last night. I’ve mentioned before here that I’ve invited my college friends over. Well, that was last night. Two out of three came early just a bit late and the the last one came really, really late. LOL I appreciate them for coming, you know with their jobs and all that things that make them busy. ^_^
Just like the last time, we just talk about things in life, and even the RH bill XD Gosh, I can’t believe the Catholic church and how stupid they are making themselves look. *rools eyes* Then we watched the first episodes of the kdrama Playful Kiss (I tried to lure them in the jdrama direction but they’re just not interested! They are surely missing a lot! They like kdramas so much but in my opinion, jdramas are much much better! [´ー`]) and the 2004 movie Butterfly Effect. Ashton Kutcher is so hot. *LOL*  We watched the director’s cut and well, it was really interesting so I searched some info about it after we finished the movie and so I found out that it has alternate ending/s. Actually, the director’s cut is (one of) the  alternate ending(s).

Note to self: Watch the other version of the film. =P

Anime character cleaning up the trash
So it has been a month since we have moved in here. I think we have already settled in but there’s just things that irk me. Well actually, just one thing – that we’re not regular cleaners? The place is maybe small (tho it will so much better if it is a little bit, just a little bit bigger?) but it is really quite nice and i is just a waste that we’re not cleaning much? I really do wish I’m better at cleaning. I grew up in an environment where someone (my mother) cleans for me. And I hate the fact that I don’t have the “ability” to do it perfectly or even decently. Floyd can really clean because he had been raised like that. Lucky him. But he would not really do it, maybe not regularly – just once in a blue moon or when I nag about it which is not really nice of me? I think. Well, he has other important things to do, that’s why. And he’s the guy and I’m like, and should be the one in charge of cleaning.

But I will try my best. One at a time.

I already have tickets for THE PARTY: 2NE1 Live in Manila this June 4 in case you haven’t/didn’t read my previous blog entries. I am really excited about and at the same time, having problems. I’m broke! I may have a lower box ticket already but I don’t have a pocket money yet for let’s say, transportation or maybe food expenses. OTL I really should work really hard NOW.

I invited my college friends over here for a somewhat celebration/get-together for the house move. Well, that’s what I want to call it. I just really want to let them know where I live now.

[insert Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster here]

Want to get rid of those nasty dark eye circles? Then visit [nosmiley] [/nosmiley]

So last Sunday, I’ve watched Eclipse with my college friend, Joyce. I admit that I got hooked to the Twilight fad back in late 2008 but it quickly faded away when that year ended. Don’t ask why. LOL Anyway, I remember being Team Edward in the books. But I think I’m Team Jacob in the movies! d;

My favorite line in the movie:

Jacob (to Edward[nosmiley]):[/nosmiley] Let’s face it, I am hotter than you.

(thumbs up) (heart2)

Want to loose weight? Check 7-dfbx~

A lot happened last week, I’m actually surprised and glad now that I think about it.  So first, I attended a college friend’s birthday celebration last July 1. I really had a lot of fun!  Unlike me, my college friends are so busy with their lives and work and we only have like once a year to like, reunite or something.  We had a gathering exactly like this a year ago – it was July 1 as well, of course it was also the celebrant’s birthday. I guess we’ll gather like this again next July 1, 2011. I hope so.

Michelle's birthday
I think a good way to end this post is to show you the only picture we have that day. In this picture, we were on our way home, walking out of the subdivision. We didn’t have any pictures during the get-together itself. But during our walk, one of my friends suddenly thought that we should have a remembrance, even just one picture. Since it’s dark, I volunteered my crappy cellphone camera that has flash. So that’s explains the crappy-ness of this pic. :/