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It’s our 6th anniversary today! [yay] I can’t believe it has been six years already. Just like last year and years before that, we celebrated. Since moving, we kind of can’t go out of the house together because no one will look out for the house so I suggested I’ll cook for him instead. [´ー`] Btw, I’ve been trying to cook “real” food recently. The first one was a few days ago and it was a dish called Pork Giniling :!?: (or that dish that’s like the Filipino Menudo with ground pork instead of cubed pork or whatever.) I think I did little mistake by not covering the pot when I let it simmered so the water/sauce kind of evaporated. But it good thing turned out (ok) . :3

The second one was the other day and it was a dish called Mechado. I think I put a little too much tomato sauce and did not stir it much so the bottom kind of burned. LOL But it turned out really ok as well so I’m happy. (I had to transfer it to a bowl and cleaned the burned parts tho). :sweatdrop:

So anyway, today I cooked spaghetti. [nod] Since, my hubby was here to assist me (He’s usually out, working.), I think I did no mistakes today! :sparkle: And I think it was delicious~ :star: (thumbs up) My mother tasted it and she said so too. [happy]

I ate a lot today. :>_<: And oh, hubby bought a chocolate cake! I really pigged out as usual. (buta) I wish I can go on a diet next year or try the best weight loss supplement. Oh wait, maybe I’ll list it as one of my New Year’s resolution?! [dead]

Ok so uhm, one of my impossible dreams was to live on my own so I can learn how to be independent. Now, I’m not really on my own because I’m living with Floyd already and not yet really independent well because my mother helps us out from time to time (hopefully just for now) but at least I’m learning things slowly. Like right now, I know how to cook! Well, just a bit. Hehe. ;P Like cooking rice and fried rice. (I’m actually fond of fried rice at the moment…) And simple stuff like fried stuff like chicken and pork chop. My mom taught me how to cook that ground-pork menudo (if that’s what it’s called) and bistek. I haven’t tried to do it on my own tho. Anyway, I’m so happy I can prepare breakfast for Floyd already! [blush]

The bad side of this is, I’m getting hooked at eating again (because I stopped my low-carb diet grrr :angry: ) Oh well, maybe it’s really time for me to try those diet pills that actually work. Hmm?

Heeeh. This is the second time I used a part of 2NE1′s Let’s Go Party song. Well, Punta tayo sa fiesta means “Let’s go to Fiesta”. Fiesta, I guess, means festival. I don’t know why they used fiesta. Maybe because we don’t have a Filipino term for party?

Anyway, I am currently here in Las Pinas because we just had our annual fiesta last May 2nd. Any Filipino knows that when it comes to fiesta, it means that there’s a lot of food. I think I kinda ate a lot. orz Maybe it’s time for me to try the best diet pill to flush down what I gain? (And all of the fats I have on my body.) LOL

Got home a few hours earlier from Dasmarinas, Cavite. Went there because last February 20 was my cousin, Ellen’s 19th birthday. I didn’t attend the party because I hate parties. (mad)

Do I look like someone who offers Hosted Call Center Solutions? No? But surely, if you’re looking for that kind of services, is the perfect company for you.

So what happened in Cavite? I arrived yesterday at 6pm. All visitors had left so I was at least at ease. :P We ate spaghetti for dinner and mocha cake (oh I hate mocha cakes!) and ice cream.  :nomnom: Then after dinner, I tried to fix their PC (I’m not good with fixing computers tho. Floyd is the one who’s good at it) but it turned out that their DVD reader/drive was broken so their PC is not functioning as of now.

And because I can’t sleep last night, I was able to watch the first three episodes of Kuuchuu Buranko aka Trapeze! That anime is surprising good and hilarious.  (thumbs up) The bit with live scenes intergration is awesome! (X

I want more!