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I don’t think I’m actually a shopaholic. I guess only when I have the extra money. But I do want a lot of things and sometimes, I really hate myself for wanting things. Especially, for wanting those I can’t afford. :/ I usually go for the cheap ones and cute and colorful. *kekeke* but if I saw something quite expensive and I like it, I include it my to-buy list and (at least I want to think that) I’ll try best to buy it.

Just recently, I went on a shopping spree and I bought some new clothes and other stuff. (Maybe I’ll blog about it more in a future post.) There was this shop I went into, it’s called Accessorize I think? I think the shop is based on London? I guess that’s maybe the reason for the price but really, their stuff are really expensive! I mean, I know similar items that are affordable compare to the items they are selling. But I fell in love with a cute (Vintage-y? I’m not sure.) wallet and a bag. I’m definitely sure they are in my to-buy list already!

Cute Wallet from Accessorize

I’m not sure if this is the exact wallet I saw. (I found their London website.) But it definitely looks similar. The price is 700php I think? I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like I can buy something similar for 350-500php? But I really like this one and I’m planning to get this on… well, the next time I have lots of money.

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