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Recently, I’ve been doing my duties for 2NE1PH and YGLadies. I’m done with 2NE1PH but I’m not still done with the layout I’m coding for YGLadies. I need to finish it today because I’m going to the hospital again tomorrow ~.~; Plus, the sooner the better as I need to work on real work asap so I can have my moolah.

Show Azusa the money

I went to the mall yesterday with mother. Lots of stuff were on sale but the things I want to buy were not. T_T Well, that’s why I need to work real soon. I want to go back there and buy the things that I want. Especially clothes. It’s summer here already and maybe… maybe there’s a possibility that I’ll be attending more than one summer outing. I was thinking that maybe I should have new clothes for the occasions! Haha, yeah I became somewhat vain. LOL

Anime character browsing computer

I’ve been wanting to archive the old blog posts from my former (dead) blogs for ages but I only started to collect the posts recently. Some of my blogs are still alive but some were already gone. But thanks to,  somewhat it still exists. So right now, I’m about to launch an archive blog sites of my old blog posts. I’m kinda dying to finish everything up, to get it over with, because it’s a lot of work due to the massive posts.

Reading my old posts now, I’m a bit nostalgic and quite embarrassed about it. But most of the posts seem so funny now. It also reminded me when I started learning HTML, CSS, web design. During those times, I learned them by visiting a lot of “how to create a website” tutorial sites and visiting and being inspired by my old blogmates. (Oh, how awesome they were.) Looking back, I now know that I did improved. But I still need to learn a lot more.

Oh now, I’m inspired.

html script highlight

I’ve been coding a lot recently. That means, I’ve been working quite frequently. Yay! I’m so happy that I’m in this direction this 2012. I don’t want to be as super lazy again as last year. After all, more coding = more moolah. And I have tons of thing in my to-buy list. In cluding cute bag and cute stuff, 2NE1 upcoming Japanese album and I’m thinking if I should buy Big Bang’s Alive album next month. Back to coding, I actually like coding so much right now. I’m glad I’m enjoying it.

I’m happy with the results of my first free wordpress theme release. I hope that there are people or someone who are/is using it right now. I’m planning to release more in the following months so if you are interested, stay tuned!