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I thought I’d update this blog with what has happened since I last posted.

I’m actually kind of still working on this current WordPress theme right now. In fact, I’m not yet done improving this one. Well, it is actually finished already. The customization for Kettobase is what I’m still doing. DONE!

If you’ve seen the previous version, you’ve noticed that I changed it a little. Actually, it got changed quite a bit. I wasn’t satisfied with the previously look so I added some colors (style switcher) and some features. The core codes has been changed actually. I made it so it’s easily customizable. I made it that way because I’m planning to release this as a free theme soon. *crosses fingers for template sponsors* As much as I really want to release all my themes for free, I need money and this is my only job. =P

Enough of that, that kind of topic is more for my other blog, Technowish.Net, which sadly, I haven’t updated since February. T^T Hopefully with the free theme release, I may be able to update it. Let me talk about the features I added when I’m ready to post the theme. Stay tuned! ▼ω▼

Anyway, last Sunday I went to see my high school friends. I haven’t seen them since December. To be honest, I was kind of avoiding them because all I did was gain weight recently and I don’t want them to see me this way. Not that they haven’t seen me this big but I want to go public when I’m… smaller. Kekeke
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I don’t think I’m actually a shopaholic. I guess only when I have the extra money. But I do want a lot of things and sometimes, I really hate myself for wanting things. Especially, for wanting those I can’t afford. :/ I usually go for the cheap ones and cute and colorful. *kekeke* but if I saw something quite expensive and I like it, I include it my to-buy list and (at least I want to think that) I’ll try best to buy it.

Just recently, I went on a shopping spree and I bought some new clothes and other stuff. (Maybe I’ll blog about it more in a future post.) There was this shop I went into, it’s called Accessorize I think? I think the shop is based on London? I guess that’s maybe the reason for the price but really, their stuff are really expensive! I mean, I know similar items that are affordable compare to the items they are selling. But I fell in love with a cute (Vintage-y? I’m not sure.) wallet and a bag. I’m definitely sure they are in my to-buy list already!

Cute Wallet from Accessorize

I’m not sure if this is the exact wallet I saw. (I found their London website.) But it definitely looks similar. The price is 700php I think? I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like I can buy something similar for 350-500php? But I really like this one and I’m planning to get this on… well, the next time I have lots of money.

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Last Christmas time, I bought this cute bag with a lot of bears and you know, after I bought it, something has started in me – my love for cute things. Before I don’t really care about cute things much (or maybe… before I was a closet fan of anything cute. kekeke) But now, I’m out in the open. I LOVE CUTE THINGS! Especially bags. Yesterday, it suddenly hit me – what if I browse for some cute bags on ebay? I did and I found this cute Rilakkuma bag and Domo-kun bag on ebay~! I want to buy at least either one so bad! Aigoo… But I’m broke at the moment so I can’t afford to buy any of it.

A bit random here, but I found this wedding photography raleigh nc site and I got curious. Suddenly, I want my wedding (if ever that’ll happen) to be beautifully documented and photographed! ^_^)

But I’m inspired right now because of it and I’m determined to work now this month so I can buy those cute bags. XD

This is it. I’m officially getting Arashi’s Boku no Miteiru no Fuukei! :sparkle: I’ve been dreaming of owning an Arashi merchandise ever since I became a real Arashi fangirl and finally, it came true today. It’s just Normal edition tho. (Well, if you’re an Arashi fangirl, you know that our ichiban group sells so fast – especially limited editions!) And I only paid 50% of the price. I’ll pay the rest when the CD arrives~ Thank you Eiwa Manga Store for ordering it for me. :heart2: I really like their 50-percent-downpayment-first rule~ [nod] It gives me time to save up money. (thumbs up) (Because, paying for the full amount is a big pain in my bank account.) :lookaround:

Anyway, since I’m talking about fandom already, I might as well talk about 2NE1! [grin] Continue reading Excited!→

When was the last time you bought bags or had new bags? I think the last time I bought new bags was around October? I like bags, actually. But I don’t think I have much use to it right now. Well, I don’t go out much. But if given the opportunity, I’d collect them. :) And if given the right amount of money, maybe I’ll buy a rebecca minkoff bag which usually costs a lot of money!