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Arashi 嵐 Breathless / Calling PV (or aka promotional / music video) are out. I cannot contain my feels, really. ASDFGHJJKLLEETVVTBBBBBA. This double single is just so perfect.

Arashi – Breathless PV

Arashi – Calling PV

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I completely forgot this blog again. Sorry about that. To tell you the truth, I was out of focus for like a month or so. I was just letting time pass by without doing something. (I partly blame The Sims 3! (゜∇ ゜)LOL) I know that was kinda wrong of me so I’m slowly climbing back up this January. Well, it’s new year anyway – a fresh start!

Speaking of fresh start, as you can see, Kettobase has a new layout! YAAAAAY. I’m calling this ‘Fresh Start‘ as I’m really pushing this site to get somewhat revamped. I won’t delete all the posts. But I promise to write with quality from now on. got also revamped. I will be writing about the new layouts there. Please do check it out when it gets posted.

I know I said I was just letting time pass by this fast few weeks but it’s not like nothing happened to me. Of course, the holidays came and my birthday last January 1st or er– 2nd. (I grew up celebrating it on the 2nd but official papers say my birth date is on the 1st.) My mother celebrated both occasions with me and Hubby-san. We cooked a few dishes and desserts and as a result, I gained weight. (ー○ー) I’m slowly trying to lose what I gained and I guess I’m glad to say I’m seeing results. Anyway, Hubby-san gave me a lot of stuff on my birthday:

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I used to watch jdramas somehow religiously every season (you know picking up new jdramas every season, that stuff..) but when we moved places last late 2010, I kinda put my watching on hiatus and then had forgotten a bit about it eventually. The last drama I picked in 2010 was Nino’s drama Freeter, Ie wo Kau. I only finished it recently actually. I also tried to watch Aiba’s recent drama, Bartender when it was airing but since, like I said, I was out of the jdrama loop, I had forgotten about it too after I watched episode three. I recently finished it too. Freeter can be a good drama depending on your opinion. I like it because I just really like inspirational dramas. Bartender, on the other hand, is a bit boring.

I also recently (last night) finished watching Sho’s recent drama (which is really recent – it was a Fall 2011 drama), Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De. LOL The title is too hard to remember for me so Nazodi for short. Initially, I believe that this series is boring because of the repetitive episode formats but overall, it was very entertaining. Plus, Sho’s in it and he’s my favorite Arashi member.

I plan to watch some 2011 dramas like Marumo no Okite (Ashida Mana-chan is just so effing cute!) and then I shall fully go back to Jdrama this 2012 – starting with MatsuJun’s drama, Lucky Sevem. :P

Btw, happy new year! :]

PS: We recently got a wireless mouse and keyboard. It’s pretty convenient especially if we just wanna watch and we can use the mouse away from the PC. Yatta!