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Recently, I’ve been doing my duties for 2NE1PH and YGLadies. I’m done with 2NE1PH but I’m not still done with the layout I’m coding for YGLadies. I need to finish it today because I’m going to the hospital again tomorrow ~.~; Plus, the sooner the better as I need to work on real work asap so I can have my moolah.

Show Azusa the money

I went to the mall yesterday with mother. Lots of stuff were on sale but the things I want to buy were not. T_T Well, that’s why I need to work real soon. I want to go back there and buy the things that I want. Especially clothes. It’s summer here already and maybe… maybe there’s a possibility that I’ll be attending more than one summer outing. I was thinking that maybe I should have new clothes for the occasions! Haha, yeah I became somewhat vain. LOL

Also recently, Floyd and I are marathoning Mythbusters (which I see a lot of metal buildings in it). We love that show! :]

I’ve been quite busy lately. Not just with housewife~ish work but also, I’ve accepted a custom website design request (and a little bit webmaster work) last week. It’s for a kpop shop and it’s a request from someone who’s a friend of one of the admins of 2NE1PH. It’s not really something hard to do but I admit, I slacked off quite a bit in the past 2-4 days. [-_-] Sigh.

Speaking of 2NE1PH, I’ve renewed it’s domain, Actually, I’ve transferred it from this-registrar to that-registrar. It’s my first time doing it and I didn’t know transferring domains are quite the process.

Here’s some acne products that will really cure those nasty acne.

Speaking, again, of 2NE1, I’ve heard 2NE1 TV is already finished? Omo, I think the last episode I watched was episode 5. I need to catch up but oh boy, I’m watching so many shows/series! And we still don’t have a stable, quite-fast internet. v.v I know I need to drop shows or I need to drop shows!

Anyway, I recently found out the the lyrics of Arashi’s Mada Ue Wo [Higher Still] (which is in the Boku no Miteiru Fuukei album) is hot! Naughty Arashi is naughty LOL

So time to update this blog. I’ve been quite busy lately. I’m working on a a wordpress theme for someone – it’s quite complicated so I’m taking too long to finish. :sigh: Then there was the 2NE1PH gathering last saturday. I was supposed to attend it with Asrai-chan but she had something to do so I went by myself. But I was not actually alone because Shin (Both Shin and Asrai are online friends I met through my forum, Terebi Adikz) was there too. The gathering was held in Joo Sarang KTV in Makati. It was fun – met new people – but I didn’t get to sing! ): I wanted to sing but I was too shy and I really can’t pronounce Korean. orz

I wish there’s a Karaoke here for J-pop and Anisongs. I want to go there! For those who know a KTV for J-pop and Anisongs, maybe we can arrange for a group EB? :giggles:
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