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Here I am just thinking about ZONE again. It sucks that I wasn’t into them during their prime. My life back then would have been awesome. I am so lucky I found out about them years ago and I do think they need more love. If you, by any chance, stumbled upon this post, and you don’t know anything about ZONE, I really, really, urge you to listen to them!

I think there is just one song that should serve as introduction and it’s none other than, secret base ~君がくれたもの~:

If you must know, one of the first posts in this blog was about ZONE. It has been three years since I posted about them and it has been a year since they, in a way, reunited. I still love them from the bottom of my heart! I had hoped that their comeback will be huge. Yes, it was huge but I guess it was not the same anymore. They released a new song last June, Treasure Of The Heart ~キミとボクの奇迹~ (*T^T* Can’t find a video of the PV…) and I think it’s a nice song. I was kinda out of the loop back then and I didn’t know what happened to that song. I hope they release a new song again.

I heard that there was an acoustic version of Taiyou no Kiss. I can’t find it! I want to hear it so bad! *OTL* I guess it was in one of the live DVDs. There are no downloads up unfortunately. Hmm, I’m tempted to buy the DVDs now.

Since I can’t find the Taiyou no Kiss acoustic version, here’s a subbed video of the original Taiyou no Kiss PV. They were so young here. Not to mention, cute. :3

I freaking love this song!

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