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Yo have to watch this live-action drama, okay? Check D-addicts for episode downloads. Softsubs can be found here!

Sorry this is a day late. I was busy. hehe Anyway! Scary episode is scary! Love every second of it. The manga and anime version of this episode were pretty interesting but this one is just plain scary. Really scary. Did I mention that I love it?

xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

*scary* (″ロ゛)

I specifically love Himawari’s story — *LOL at the this happened to a friend of a friend* I know she’s the person she was talking about. It’s just sad for her that it’s happened but personally and to be honest, she’s ok for me in the manga but in this drama, she’s really annoying but I feel her.

xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

I think I’m starting to like Sometani Shota. He’s really good as Watanuki and I like that he is acting a bit like his manga version. You know, that one which he keeps complaining and everything. XD

At first, I didn’t like the fact that they changed his backstory here but now I think it’s fitting that they changed it and that it involves his mother. I feel sad for him because of all that he went through. I know he hates his ability to see ayakashi. I thought it was only because it’s a kind of a bit bothersome to have an ability like that. I think this is the case in the case in the manga. But with this live-action, with all the mother stuff, they gave him more space for character development. I like it.

Anywaaaaay, I am excited to watch when it’s clear that he NEEDS TO BE WITH DOUMEKI in order for him to get rid of ayakashi. *WataDou shipper mode on!* Kekekeke.

xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

As for Doumeki, I really like his character development in this episode. For a second I thought he’ll only be an extra due to the lack of involvement in the past episodes. LOL

Doumeki calls Watanuki's name - xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

I really like this scene when he calls Watanuki’s name. asdfghjkl; Sorry for the DouWata shipper in me. XD

xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

Yay! Doumeki saves the day! He’s kinda cute, no?

Yuuko is suggesting that Watanuki should hang out with him. Will we see more WataDou moments? XD Speaking of Yuuko, I’m so loving that that they are showing her more playful side in this episode~

Yuuko - xxxHOLiC Live-action drama ep 03

Haha! This is the Yuuko I know.

More xxxHOLic Live-action Drama Episode 3 SCREENSHOTS here

Excited for the next episode!

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7 thoughts on “xxxHOLic Live-action Drama Episode 3 Reaction

  1. YS

    I agree with you that the episode was super scary. Very well done too, considering it’s only 20 minutes or so! And yes, finally Doumeki!!! I really thought he was finally present in this episode. And I believe the actor played him well. And yes, to me, he’s kinda hotdreamy… *-* And yes, being a Douwata shipper too, can’t wait for more. Hmm, wonder if they gonna make it obvious or simply hinted… hehehe… :P

    • Rozeh

      Yesss he is dreamy indeed. I can’t wait for more DouWata scenes. I think they will hint it especially that Jorougumo arc will be in the finale.

  2. Takumei

    Actually… Doumeki is all over the series he is a main character…not to mention his grandpa will make an appearance later on, and pretty sure it will be the same actor as Doumeki.. 8D

    • Rozeh

      Oh. I know. I’ve followed the manga and watched the anime before.~ :] I was just saying that, it seemed like he was just the ‘other guy’ in the past episodes with the lack of attention to him. With this episode, it’s now pretty indicated that he has role in this story.

  3. Xian

    xxxholic! I remember my username in your forum XD AHAHAHA!
    Though i haven’t read the manga and watched the anime :(
    Maybe i will just go with the live action :D
    Thanks ate rozeh :D

  4. jessica

    Hi Rozeh! I’ve never watched or read xxxHolic, but your screenshots do look interesting. I am going to have to check it out!

    Btw, I changed my blog: I bought the domain, so hopefully I still with it for a long time!

  5. Marinella

    It has been a while since I last watched anime. Now, I feel like missing it. Though I still prefer manga than watching one.

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