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It is FINALLY confirmed! Big Bang will go here in the Philippines for a concert as part of their ALIVE TOUR! ASDFGHJKL; I need to save money now or I won’t be able to go. Tbh, half of me is super happy because they are freaking going here, finally. Half of me is sad because I kinda don’t want to spend big moolah for the concert. But I know I will. OTL

In any way, I am so excite to fanchant WOW, FANTASTIC BABY!!!! xDDDDD

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Twenty-something fangirl-blogger who grew up watching Anime and reading Manga. Likes to watch tons of American, British, and Japanese shows. She adores Arashi especially Sakurai Sho, 2NE1, Big Bang, Zone, Perfume, to name a few. She works as a freelance WordPress Theme Designer .

One thought on “Wow, Fantastic Baby!

  1. LifeGean

    I’m excited too~ gahh this will take a huge hit on my pockets ROFL I have to save up too but I’m still thinking twice coz I’m not really a VIP, well I’m a fan but not that a fan… but I wanna watch them too, I feel like this is gonna be even more expensive compared to SuJu~ not to mention that it’ll be in the SM MoA Arena correct? Lady GaGa’s VIP tickets are ASJFBJK like 15K, if BB will be 15K too~~~ /dies HaHaHa

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