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Oh hai thar. I’m trying the daily blog update route starting today. I hope I can stick to it. *_*

Winter has already started (in other parts of the world, not here  :>_<: ) and I already picked my watchlist for this season but first,\  a quick comment on Fall series I’ve finished:

Umineko no Naku Koro ni:
I really like Ryukishi07′s works tho I’m not a VN reader. (and I hate some VN readers who gave spoilers. :lookaround: ) I really think he’s a genius! I love Higurashi and I’m glad that Umineko didn’t disappoint me. I am just sad now because I heard there won’t be a season 2? :angry:

Shokojo Seira:
I’m a fan of Shida Mirai and I’ve watched quite a few adaptations of A little Princess. Hmm, It was interesting to see a Japan-ized version of the story, not to mention, Seira (or Sara) is not kid but a teenager. :smiile:

Tokyo Dogs:
I really enjoyed this drama. Well, it’s my first ever police drama and I heard some people don’t like this? Well, I love both Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro. :loove: Tho, the Jinno-Yuki plot was week, imo – especially the promise part. =_= But I aproved of the duo Suo and Maruo. :heart2: Heh, their names rhyme! I love the ending/main theme, Futatsu no Kuchibiru by EXILE. Must hunt for an mp3 now. d=

This was my favorite in the previous season. The first episode got me really interested and kept me wanting for more. I realized I like older-woman-younger-guy themes – especially when the guy is super unreliable. LOL

My Girl:
This started out good but became quite boring in the middle. Tho, I’m quite surprised at the ending. I was expecting Masamune to really quit his job and find a more stable one for Koharu-chan’s sake. I mean, that’s practical. Well, maybe that’s why I like her mother. :laugh2: And woah, Sho showed up!

I should say something about Samurai High School but I haven’t finished it. I’m waiting for the subs. Miura is really love :loove:

Now, for this winter season, my picks are:

For Anime:

Dance in The Vampire Bund
Vampire themes are trendy nowadays, I wonder who to thank? LOL And this is like, a forbidden love story between a Vampire loli and a Werewolf. Haha, this reminds me of a certain book series everyone hates – specifically, the last installment. Lmao.

Dulalala!!? DRRR? The story’s really interesting.

Watching cos Ryukishi07 is involve in this.

Nodame Cantabile Finale
Ah, of course. I’ve read the manga and because the ending disappointed me, I’m expecting that the anime will have a better ending. They MUST have.

And oh,

is Nodame really doing THAT? :surprised:

Sora no Woto
Watching cos the characters are K-on lookalikes.

For Dorama:

Bloody Monday 2
Well cos It’s Miura’s drama! I have watched the 1st season and I really liked it. I hope Narimiya Hiroki is in this as well.

Tokujo Kabachi!!
Sho’s been promoted as my new favorite Arashi member. So I’m watching this. I always watch Arashi dramas, anyway. ;)

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
I haven’t watched the anime nor read the manga but I know it’s good. And like the anim/manga counterpart, this one is Bishie overload and JE overload, Kame, Uchi and Tegoshi! :heart2:

Not sure if I’ll watch Code Blue season 2. Should I?

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