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Welcome to the first post of my TV Shows Watchlist Update series. I have been posting something like this even before but I feel like I should make the posts official and uniform. But really, I’m doing this so that I won’t have problems thinking about post titles. *haha*

Doctor Who – Farewell to the Ponds

Doctor Who - Angels Take Manhattan
I remember watching Doomsday, the series finale episode of the second series of the revived Doctor Who, where-in Rose Tyler got trapped to a parallel universe and it gave me so much feels for days. Now the latest episode (this post is late I know) of Series 7, The Angels Take Manhattan gave me the same feels. And I can’t get over it. I cry so hard whenever I watch the episode and I have watched it for a couple of times already. It hurts to see the Ponds go and to see the Doctor hurting. Well, I guess I’m just happy that no one really died a horrible death. Yes, the Ponds died. But of old age so that means they lived long lives! I just wish, Rory had more to say, you know? I love Rory!

Now, to be honest I’m not sure if I’m excited now for the new companion. But I’m still gonna watch the Christmas special of course.

Grimm – Needs more Monroe

I knew Juliette will sorta fall for the Captain but I didn’t know the Captain will become obsessive about her. I’m looking forward to what will happen to them and I’m excited to see Nick find out about it. The recent episode about the La Llorona really scared me and that’s the first time that it has been revealed that there are creatures other than the wesen. I hope they explore more on that.

I’m loving the new Grimm but the show seriously needs more Monroe airtime! I guess they are waiting for Rosalee to come back. Can’t wait for next week’s episode! Is there another Grimm in Portland?!

Fringe – Giving me FEELS

Fringe Ah. Another show that gave me a lot of feels, especially the recent episode. Specifically, the reunion between the Fringe gang and Broyles. That was a touching scene. I can’t imagine what Broyles (and Nina) went through without them. And Etta! T^T I really think what happened to her was unnecessary. It’s heartbreaking to see Olivia and Peter go through the same ordeal twice. ): But I got this feeling that they will all be reunited. In a different timeline?

Anyway, I’m excited and sad at the same time for the final season finale. It will be awesome!


Now that Deb knows what kind of person Dexter is, I’m kinda afraid of what might happen to her. I sure hope that Dexter won’t kill her. I actually hope that Deb is Dexter’s key to redemption in the end.

Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah of Chuck) already showed up in the recent episodes and it’s nice to see her again in a show. I’m pretty curious about her character and what she will bring to the show.

The Walking Dead – Where everyone is just so BAMF

The Walking Dead season 3The much awaited show of the year! Every episode so far gave me a different kind of feels. I’m excited to see what will happen to Lori and her baby. I hate her before but now I don’t anymore. I guess, maybe because Shane is out of the picture? Actually — I hated Shane but I kinda miss him in the show. As for Rick, I don’t know. I know the group needs the ‘Ricktatoship’ to survive but it makes Rick less likeable now, in my opinion.

My favorites in this season are Hershell and Carl! The actor playing Carl is obviously growing up. I wonder how will they cover that?

Revolution – Not impressed

I don’t know what to say about this show. I had high expectations but so far I’m not impressed. The lead girl is annoying for some reason and the story is not making me hooked. I’m still watching this show because I still have hope that it will still pull me in.


I mainly picked this one because I starting to realize that I’m a fan of superhero shows and movies. The plot looks promising but as of now, I can’t say anything but I’m still going to watch this show. Well, I want to know what really happened to him at the “island”. I find myself liking Katie Cassidy, the actress playing Laurel. She kinda reminds me of Itano Tomomi of AKB48. =P

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