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The Sims 3
It’s been like, I guess two weeks since I last played The Sims 3. I’m wondering myself if this is the end of my TS3 addiction. It was fun playing a virtual life (or lives) but right now I need to focus on real life stuff. Specifically, I need to work. I have so many things to do. I hope I can finish it in the following days.

You know I actually installed two extension packs for my TS3. One is World Adventures and you know, I didn’t initially get the whole idea of WA and how to play it, but recently I learned how so I finally played WA and now I love it. I noticed tho, that in my WA, France was a bit broken. I had to rebuild the General Store from scratch. (Well it’s ok, I love building things in TS3~) I was looking for some store parts on TSR but I didn’t find any so I just made it simple.

The other extension pack is Ambitions and I haven’t really explored it yet. One of my sims is a fashion designer but she hasn’t go to work yet since she just had a baby. LOL I plan to make one of my kid sims an Architect when she grows up. (haha)

LOL I still blogged about my TS3 plans even tho I said I’m on hiiatus. Well, I still plan to get back to playing it. But not this October.

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