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So I suddenly remember that I had a site for poems before, you know poems about life, love, and sadness that I made. Although I never actually maintained it like this blog. Hmm, maybe I lost interest in making poems that time? Well these poems are made in 2004-2005 and I stopped making poems during that time so maybe I did lost interest. But at the moment, I’m thinking I should write poems again.

So I’m thinking, I should post the poems I posted in my old poems site for Throwback Thursday post and for this Thursday’s poem, I’m posting a poem I made that time called Mind, Heart, Body and Soul:

Look into my mind , within me
Full of questions and still confused
I have no choice but to refuse
The things, the way it used to be
But still, my mind yells for nothing

Look into my heart, within me
The blood that runs within my veins
Flowing through, just like when it rains
My heart, I want you to see
But still, my heart beats for nothing

Look at this body, within me
That forces to do some things
I have to, to get what life brings
To live is to cherish, maybe
Still, my body lives for nothing

Look into my soul, within me
The ‘very me’, you have to know
I am not sure about it though
You have to see what lies in me
But still, my soul cries for nothing

You know what. I get this poem. I used to be and think like this.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Poetry: Mind, Heart, Body and Soul

  1. Euri

    I use to have a site about poems too, before. :D Not it’s merged with my blog. :D

  2. Shar

    I actually just recently found an old notebook with all of my old poems in them 2 weeks ago! I don’t know how to feel about them because they are so old (same as you around 2004/2005). It’s strange though reading through them because I’m confused as to how I wrote this stuff. It’s hard for me now to write poems but I wrote them so well back then. I think I was going through rough times with myself back them that’s why. Strange how good products come out of turmoil.

    I really like your poem. You should incorporate them all in your site so that you will never lose them.

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