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I was answering proust (add me?) a few days ago and it reminded me of Throwback Thursday posts in Facebook. I decided to try posting something like it though not in Facebook but here. And also, I’m posting a poem and the not the usual photos people post.

I have a different poem in mind, but I don’t have my old high school notebook with me. I don’t even know if it still exists. (It’s supposedly in our house in Las Piñas) I used to write poems when I was in high school. That time, I thought I could be a writer or a poet. LOL! Hmmm, now I don’t think so.

So this will do instead. I made this back in 2004 when I was heartbroken. Can’t believe that was almost 10 years ago? 2004 was a big year for me. So many things happened in that year. Although I was hearbroken most of the year, I was also the happiest at one point. I love that year.

Anyway, here is the poem. It was untitled when I made this so maybe now I shall name this The Broken-hearted’s Poem.

I want to believe I am strong
That I can take this and hold on
But now I know that I am wrong
‘Coz I give up from this day on

I want to look at the bright side
Smile, laugh like there’s no tomorrow
But the truth is that i just cried
‘Coz im in this deep, dark sorrow

Guess I was in a fairy tale
Of princess and her prince charming
But the bad witch got in the way
And so there’s no happy ending

Wish there’s someone to wake me up
From this bad dream I’m going through
Wish there’s someone to interrupt
In this dreadful nightmare that’s you

I suck at this. LOL

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3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: A Poem

  1. Kat Zapanta

    Found your site through Twitter – great to connect with you! Your poem is very deep and haunting – you do not suck! Sending you love and positivity, Kat ;(

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