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There are things that I keep on doing lately and I just can’t stop.

1. (Still) Watching TV shows.

Trying to watch Alias cos I know it’s awesome. I’ve been wanting to watch Alias for a time now and I finally started a few days ago. Right now, I’m in the first few episodes. All I can say is I’m hooked!

Under  The Dome is my current fave show and I’m loving it a lot. It’s all I’m only looking forward, like really. Dean Norris is just so awesome!

Speaking of Dean Norris, Breaking Bad is now back! Looks like then end will be a showdown between Mr. White and Jesse now that Jesse know how bad Mr. White really is. I wonder how Hank will fit in the final countdown. I know he wants to bring Walter White down but family might matter in the end?

Dexter’s series finale is almost near. I really can’t wait what the ending will be. Not sure, what will hapen to Dexter. Oh boy, this is the first time I’m kinda rooting for a serial killer! But I know he must pay for what he’s done.

2. Watching cat or animal videos on youtube

Since I recently got a cat, I’ve been watching cat videos kind of everyday. XD Especially funny cat videos. It’s been what amuses me everyday and a kind of stress reliever. Well, aside from my cat. ▼ω▼ Here’s one of the videos I watched:

Never fails to make me laugh. XD

3. Playing Bubble Witch Saga

I haven’t played this game for months because I couldn’t get pass level 41… well until a few days ago when I decided to play and found out that my precision thingy is on so the levels became a bit easier. So after I passed level 41, I am hooked again. Tho the levels keeps on becoming hard. I am stuck again at level 77. orz

4. Eating, yes, eating powdered milk!

This one I kinda want to get rid of but I just can’t stop! I’m never actually a milk milk person. I can’t stand the taste of it but if it’s in powder form, I just can’t avoid it you know? I know it’s kinda bad because it makes me eat more milk that the average amount? I mean, maybe it’s the reason why I’m getting bigger instead of getting slimmer. 。・゚ ゚・(p>□<q)・゚ ゚・。

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3 thoughts on “Things I’ve been addicted to lately

  1. Euri

    “eating powdered milk” — pulburon? XD

  2. Kat Zapanta

    LOL the powdered milk is funny… I am addicted to cookies and putting chocolate powder in my coffee ;)

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