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Sorry for neglecting this blog. I simply just always forget to update this one. Just call me lazy, I know…

I’ve been meaning to post this ever since 2NE1 released the MV of BE MINE but like I said I forgot so late post is late.

At first I was shocked by the lack of Dara’s part in the song. Like 16 seconds of Dara? I felt like it was so unfair to her. I know she’s like the weakest singer in 2NE1 but she’s still a member! So why not just divide the parts equally among the girls. Call me a butthurt fan, but I was hurt. Hmm well, not really.

But I’m actually past that. Because this is the first time 2NE1 had done a love song, so of course I love this one. I like the fact that, we, fans have a role in making this song. All my choices were picked except for the bridge part because I didn’t participated in that round due to my surgery.

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