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My favorite K-pop boyband, BIGBANG is coming to Manila. They are having a concert – BIG BANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012. Galaxy tour because they tied up with Samsumg. How great is that? I love Samsung gadgets – especially Galaxy Note (This is in my wishlist actually) but I also like Galaxy SIII! Speaking of Galaxy SIII, there’s a question going around: Which Galaxy SIII color do you think fits each of the Big Bang members best and why?

I’ve been fangirling BIGBANG for a couple of years now so I pretty have my own little ideas of what color to associate them with.

G-Dragon – Garnet Red. Of all the Galaxy SIII colors, garnet red is the one that I noticed instantly and that’s what G-Dragon or GD is to me and probably to most VIPs (BIGBANG fans) – the one that I noticed first among the members. He has that kind of attraction and charisma. He’s the leader and has written a lot of awesome music for the group. He’s very fashionable and obviously look good in red! (As indicated in the gifs above! ^^v)

Taeyang – Sapphire Black. I chose black for Taeyang cos he’s other stage name is SOL and his last solo album was SOLAR. When I think of solar, I think of the galaxy and when I think of the galaxy, I mostly think of the color black. In the images above, it looks pretty much like the galaxy with the dim atmosphere and the fans’ lighsticks are like stars. Although the images are in black and white, the BIGBANG lightstick is yellow and of course we associate that color with the sun (or sol). I love it! ♥

T.O.P – Pebble Blue. For me, blue is a fun color and a cool color too. And that’s T.O.P for me. He’s fun – he has this side of being funny and witty.You can see that in tv shows, interviews, and performances. And he’s pretty much the kakkoi (cool) type for me. I mean, look at him. He’s oozing with charisma and he’s very handsome. Yes, he’s the very definition of a cool guy!

Daesung – Marble White. I chose White for Daesung because of his song Wings. In a performance, he was wearing white wings and a white top and I love it. I hope he wears that in their concert here. Also for me white is the representation of good or light and for me, Daesung is a good person. He didn’t let go of the light in him even after all that he’s gone through. I really admire him for that.

Seungri – Titanium Grey. I am very fond of Seungri but I can’t think of the right color.  =_=; I guess grey would be a good color for him. That’s because I want to associate the color grey to big shot people, like a CEO of a company. And I can totally see Seungri  following the steps of YG and build his own entertainment company. In interviews, I can sense that  he’s a very hard working person. Although, I guess being the maknae (youngest) of the group, he’s prone to make mistakes but he receives a lot of discipline from his hyungs (older members of BIGBANG). What I love about him is, he really took the effort in learning the Japanese language for their (and his solo) Japan activities.  I wish him great luck for his solo venture in Japan! Fighting!

Who else can’t wait to see them live? I know I am. See you when I see you! :]

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