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Recently, I’ve been doing my duties for 2NE1PH and YGLadies. I’m done with 2NE1PH but I’m not still done with the layout I’m coding for YGLadies. I need to finish it today because I’m going to the hospital again tomorrow ~.~; Plus, the sooner the better as I need to work on real work asap so I can have my moolah.

Show Azusa the money

I went to the mall yesterday with mother. Lots of stuff were on sale but the things I want to buy were not. T_T Well, that’s why I need to work real soon. I want to go back there and buy the things that I want. Especially clothes. It’s summer here already and maybe… maybe there’s a possibility that I’ll be attending more than one summer outing. I was thinking that maybe I should have new clothes for the occasions! Haha, yeah I became somewhat vain. LOL

Also recently, Floyd and I are marathoning Mythbusters (which I see a lot of metal buildings in it). We love that show! :]

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