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Almost out of space. :/

I recently earned a bit amount of money more than what I usually get and I’m thinking if I should get a new laptop or just fix the problems of my old laptop? But I don’t like the look of my old laptop anymore. :/ It looks worn out. LOL That’s why I haven’t used it since 2010. Or 2011. So if ever, I will most likely buy a new laptop than fix my old one. But to make sure, I think I’ll just use this pc tune up thing first to see if there’s really a problem with my old laptop.

Or better. Maybe I should just get an external HDD of my own! Floyd gave me 1GB space but he still stores his stuff in here that’s why I’m always running out of space. He frequently buys new HDDs for his own use but I still wonder why I’m not getting more space? I guess he’s using my drive as a sort of temporary directory for his downloads. He’s so unfair. :/ But I can’t do anything about it. After all, he gave me this hard disk. XD

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