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:lookaround: I don’t know when was the last time I blogged about myself. But really, with this uneventful life of mine, there’s nothing to blog. Well right now, I haven’t created a theme (for work) for a month already. You can say I’m lazy (and/or procrastinating) but I’m just like, not in the mood.

I got a Nintendo DS Lite a few days ago so I’ve been playing Pokemon games and Ace Attorney games for the last few days. Actually, I’m so into Ace Attorney games right now. I think this is my newest fandom~ (heart2)

I started to eat less rice.  (nomnom) It has been a week actually. I think I’m beginning to not crave for more food. Yeah, I think so.

As for exercise, it’s not an everyday thing for me but I did exercise for the past week. And my fitness equipment is… my Nintendo Wii! :haha:

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Twenty-something fangirl-blogger who grew up watching Anime and reading Manga. Likes to watch tons of American, British, and Japanese shows. She adores Arashi especially Sakurai Sho, 2NE1, Big Bang, Zone, Perfume, to name a few. She works as a freelance WordPress Theme Designer .

One thought on “Personal Update?

  1. makkun

    i looove the ace attorney series too, unfortunately i didn’t get to finish some of it ^^ the apollo justice game is probably the hardest one. :)

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