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Hey guys. I’m not sure if anyone is reading this blog anymore. If you are, can you comment? Just for confirmation. I, myself, has lost interest in updating this blog. Actually, I have new plans for this website. It’s still going to be a blog but more solid with it’s niche and uhm, more organize. Hopefully. It will be on a different new domain (which I haven’t bought yet). I will still keep this domain tho. Because this is the first ever personal domain I own that lasted for more than a year. So this one is special ♥~ I just don’t know what this domain, as in this one, will about yet when I finalize my new blog domain.

The only thing that’s actually keeping me from buying that new domain and relaunching my blog is, well money. I do have funds for it but at the moment, because of BIGBANG’s ALIVE Tour ticket worries, I don’t want to touch my money. Seriously, the ticket prices will definitely be expensive since it’s in Moa Arena. >_< I had saved up a few money for it at first but I already spent it on a whim for grocery stuff. T_T. What hurts more, I spent it on the day more info about the concert were announced. I am so unlucky. ;A;

Right now, I know I should start really working hard to earn money but I'm at the phase where I just want to plan and work on my new blog. I know I haven't bought the new domain yet but I already started setting it up on my own localhost. I already have a the layout for it and it's already coded...


Mou ii. I know I should get back on track!

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Twenty-something fangirl-blogger who grew up watching Anime and reading Manga. Likes to watch tons of American, British, and Japanese shows. She adores Arashi especially Sakurai Sho, 2NE1, Big Bang, Zone, Perfume, to name a few. She works as a freelance WordPress Theme Designer .

7 thoughts on “New site plans + ALIVE tour worries

  1. Rozeh

    Ok, test comment…

  2. lyza

    I always wanted a domain, but I never got myself one HAHA… maybe it was too troublesome for me. well, goodluck with your blogging plans! and I agree with you regarding bigbang’s tickets.. my friends were talking about it too XD

  3. Chi

    hay BIGBANG. kung kelan pupunta sila dito, mukhang malabo namang maka-attend ako T.T

  4. postcardtrail

    my sister wanted to get one and encouraged me to do the same. the thing is i just can’t comprehend the whole domain and setting up thing. :(

  5. charm tamba

    am having some blog dilemmas too specially on what the blog will be all about! pero mejo nareresolve ko na lately… :D

  6. Lizzie

    Keep blogging my dear and you can even earn extra here. :) I’m trying my best to update all of my blogs, too. :)

  7. momaye

    Hey, just keep on blogging. I am having lesser time with blogging nowadays because my online shop is eating my time too much. But still I find time to blog because I love it.

    Mommy Maye ( )

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