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Colors in the Dark WordPress theme by Rozeh
So the other day, when I was worrying about my lack of concerts (BIGBANG + possible 2NE1) funds, I offered on a whim the wordpress theme I was previously using in this blog. Well, I offered it for sale to a regular buyer of my wordpress themes. Luckily and to my utter surprise, he accepted the offer and bought it even tho I indicated that the theme was preloved unlike my usual wordpress themes for sale which are usually made from scratch and brand new.

Anyway, so I added the money I gained from it to my concert funds but I still have a lot of funds needed not just for the concerts but for bills and living expenses as well. Hul~! I so miss the days when I just have to worry about just saving my daily allowance to buy the things I want. (。┰ω┰。)

So back to this current theme I’m using, this is pretty similar to the (previous) black~ish theme – the one I sold. I admit this theme is based from it. I really love that design and I’m not ready yet to let go of a dark layout for If you noticed, this one uses yet again a lot of colors. I know I think I have this thing for colorful shades especially rainbow colors. I guess I’m a sucker for rainbows. ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

For the top part background, those circles with rainbow colors above, I ended up with that because I was thinking of a way to not use diagonal patterns. I think I also have the habit to use top diagonal patterns or stripe patterns on my layouts. orz. So to try for something new, I used circles instead. What I love about it is I made those rainbow circles myself. ♥ As for the logo, to be honest, I’m not satisfied with it. I’m going to play around with more to get a satisfactory result. Kekeke.

By the way, I call this theme “Colors in the Dark” for obvious reasons. XD.

If you are looking for someone to design your site, you may contact me. y(^ヮ^)y (Won’t say no to additional concert funds!)

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About Rozeh

Twenty-something fangirl-blogger who grew up watching Anime and reading Manga. Likes to watch tons of American, British, and Japanese shows. She adores Arashi especially Sakurai Sho, 2NE1, Big Bang, Zone, Perfume, to name a few. She works as a freelance WordPress Theme Designer .

21 thoughts on “New Look (aka theme revamped)~! + money worries again.

  1. Pearl

    I would love to have a new look for my blog, but no budget yet. :-)

  2. GeriLen Elinessete

    i also wanna see BigBang and 2ne1 live too but since i have a newborn, attending a concert is not on my priority list… i would love to buy a website and a theme soon :)

  3. Bea

    I really like your new theme (:
    And I wish I could see Big Bang & 2NE1, but unfortunately I don’t think we’re a part of the Alive tour. Plus, concert tickets are always expensive x_x

  4. Mar Yannie

    You re so good in designing. I`m planning to have my craft blog a revamp but not now `coz I don`t have enough funds

  5. reese

    your new theme has rich colors

  6. kat centeno

    good luck on the concert fund. I hope there will more clients who will buy your theme.

  7. Taylor

    I personally prefer dark themes but I use a light one for my blogs because a lot of advertisers shy away from dark themes.This is a nice one.

  8. Jen

    Love those punches of rainbow colors! Compliments the black theme so well.

  9. Farida

    Hi Rozeh, you can surely share my latest blog entry (The Bamboo and The Fern) in FB. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I created it. Happy weekend! :D

  10. Jellybelly

    I love a colorful theme! I’ll keep you in mind when I save enough to get my blog designed.

  11. Yhey Garcia

    I love your theme. Simple yet so colorful and fun! :D

  12. Shadz

    Good work on this. Btw, you like KPop! I also have a few songs on my playlist but I don’t know who sang them. This Asian music culture is quite interesting, eh? XD

  13. kath

    cool theme! love the colors :)

  14. Joanna Paula Sampana Briones

    I didn’t know you design themes! I love your WP-Hime. I want to try it on some of my blogs. Hope you can get additional customers soon.

  15. Michelle Villarta-Cabanas

    nice theme..i’m scouting for good ones too for my blog. Goodluck with the fund raising for the concert! :-)

  16. Gene Corbito

    I like the use of color against the black theme. I used to love anything dark but I got over it, must be because I am getting old so I stick to mostly white now.

  17. Eds

    Well,, i love your theme naman..its cool and hip. hope you can accumulate more funds for the concert. :)

  18. Marco Polo Demo

    Nice theme you here! Simple enough to look at!

  19. Daddy Yashiro

    Clean and neat theme! Concert funds…. hmm…. you’d better get more other sources to get more funds.

  20. Mona

    you got cool theme here, black background but colorful pa rin naman.

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