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I really think that I’m more of a Western TV show fan now that Asian drama fan, but I always check new Asian dramas, especially Japanese dramas during the start of every season. I may not be able to watch my picks but I still try to pick dramas to watch mainly because I don’t want to give my Jdrama-fan self up. :/

Last season, the only drama I’ve watched was Rich Man, Poor Woman. I actually picked it up when all episodes have been aired. It was such a great drama, I just couldn’t stop watching it. XD I’m beginning to love Ishihara Satomi! Well, I think. ♥ And Oguri Shun’s acting is always the best. Who wouldn’t love him?

Rich Man, Poor Woman

Read Synopsis at Rich Man, Poor Woman Drama Wiki page.

Aibu Saki was in it too and I don’t why but I always end up hating her characters. She almost always plays annoying characters or well, bitches?

Now with Fall 2012 Jdrama list, as usual my picks are filled with dramas whose leads are either from JE or are actors/actresses I watched from previous dramas.


PRICELESS starring Kimura Takuya

Read Synopsis at PRICELESS Drama Wiki page.

Ever since I watched One Million Stars Falling from the Sky and Hero a couple of years ago (and then CHANGE and Mr. Brain), I promised myself that I would watch KimuTaku’s future dramas. But Tsuki no Koibito wasn’t the Jdrama I expected even tho my favorite Kitagawa Keiko was in it. I didn’t pick KimuTaku’s previous drama, Nankyoku Tairiku since I didn’t find the plot interesting. So with this upcoming drama PRICELESS, with it being a comedy and – well, I believe it’s an inspirational drama (which I’m very fond of) – I have a feeling that at lease I will like it.

Osozaki no Himawari | 遅咲きのヒマワリ

Osozaki no Himawari

Read Synopsis at Osozaki no Himawari Drama Wiki page.

Finally, an Ikuta Toma drama! Its been, wait, 2 years since his last drama and it’s about time he gets another lead role since Majo Saiban. (Poor Toma. T^T But I guess he was busy with movies.) I’m not sure what ~feel~ the drama will going to be. I just wish it will not be way too emotional like Sunao ni Narenakute (which I didn’t have the willpower to finish. orz). For some reason, this drama came to mind when I read about Osozaki no Himawari.

Akumu-chan | 悪夢ちゃん


Read Synopsis at Akumu-chan Drama Wiki page.

GACKT and Kitagawa Keiko? The more reason I should watch this drama! Not to mention, it’s a mix of science-fiction, comedy, mystery, and suspense! My kind of shows. :D

I think this concludes my list. I’m considering MONSTERS but since I stopped watching Yamapi’s dramas long ago, I’m not sure. Also, Going My Home because of Abe Hiroshi! (OMG Can’t forget the joke about him in Trick having a huge peen. LOL) And Kekkon Shinai but I feel like I should just instead watch Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu. I heard they are a bit similar.

So guys, do you watch Jdramas? If so, do you watch per season or do you just watch what you come across? If you’re watching per season, what are your Fall 2012 Jdrama picks?

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4 thoughts on “My Fall 2012 Jdrama Watchlist

  1. Euri

    I’m so watching Akumu-chan! For the sake of Gackt! xD

    I also like Kitagawa Keiko though. And I’m kinda interested with the monsters theme and all. xD

    • Rozeh

      Yes. Yes. I’m excited to see Gackt in this drama. I only watched him act twice, in that famous movie of his and and an episode of a certain drama that I already forgot the title. XD

  2. hephestia

    I loooove your new layout!

  3. Gerald John Santos

    Thanks for sharing your list noona!! :)

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