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Please don’t hate/get annoyed with me for dividing this post into two. I just feel like doing it, actually. LOL  Now, on with part 2 which is all about my ichiban girl group, 2NE1. They are on break in the K-pop industry but they are pursuing the Japanese (J-pop) market right now. They are going to release a new compilation album in Japan next month titled COLLECTION (which includes Japanese versions of some of their Korean songs – which I am so excited to hear) along with a new original Japanese single called SCREAM. Now, before I rant about how broke I am going to be when they release those stuff, let me just blog about their collab with J-pop’s hip-hop duo m-flo:

She’s so (Outta Control) by m-flo feat. 2NE1

At first, I felt a bit strange with the intro as it was so not 2NE1~ish. But when I heard Bom’s chorus, I knew right away that it does have 2NE1 flavor. I especially love Minzy and Dara’s parts. Especially, how Dara said/sang ~electricity~. I love it! To those who said 2NE1 brought life to the song, I agree with that comment.

I’m a bit curious now with m-flo’s music so I might check them out as well.

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One thought on “My BBs are back! [Part 2]

  1. Lady

    oo nga super broke talaga! ang mahal nang Japan CD’s nila :/
    Yung sa BB nga din ang mahal..meron din sila Alive JP version + may dvd pa.

    inuuna ko nga yung BB goods. Naubos na pera ko T_T
    Mameh! ang ganda nang 2ne1 lightstick ver2!!! bahaha :3

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