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For some reason, yesterday, I was in the mood to search stuff about The Backstreet Boys and listen to their songs – specifically Never Gone, Unbreakable, and This Is Us albums. You know I think I can’t say that I know those post-2002 songs of them by heart, compared to their first three albums which I listened to for too many times when I was a teenager. But a lot of the songs in their post-2002 albums are really good. Here’s some of the songs that I like:

Incomplete // Never Gone album

Just Want You To Know // Never Gone album

I Still // Never Gone album

Weird World // Never Gone album

Climbing The Walls // Never Gone album

Song For The Unloved// Never Gone album

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Incosolable // Unbreakable album

One In A Million // Unbreakable album

Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon // Unbreakable album

Downpour // Unbreakable album

Bigger // This Is Us album

If I Knew Then // This Is Us album

Ok so uhm, I realized I liked a lot of the Never Gone songs and This Is Us songs not so much. Well, that seems kinda unfair to TIU. But I really think that Never Gone is their best post-2002 album.

Anyway, I know most people think BSB are like has-beens already. But are they really? They are the BEST-SELIING BOYBAND IN THE WORLD and one of best-selling music acts in the world as well. So I believe they still have their place in the music industry. And they still have a lot of fans~

They are currently recording their next album… with Kevin! Yeah, Kevin’s back! I’m excited for the album and I can’t wait for them to have their world tour for it. I know Philippine’s definitely included~ (I hope not with New Kids On The Block, I’m not a fan of them at all.)

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