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2NE1 Falling in Love
Yes, this is late! Likes two months late – but I just have to have a post for this. I am very vocal that I am huge fan of 2NE1 and they are having their comeback for this year. They haven’t  been promoting music in South Korea for two years (apparently,  I Love You from last year doesn’t count) so fans have been anticipating this comeback  since last year. I think this is the longest gap ever between comebacks (did I just used the word comeback three four times?) so feels are everywhere. In fact, a lot of fans expressed their disappointment for the long hiatus – even blaming YG. But the much anticipated… release is already happening so everyone’s happy now, right? Hopefully.

I am not an expert on 2NE1′s way of promotions but they are doing “one-song-each-month” thing before actually releasing an album or a mini-album in October (?). This is really great actually. Fans missed them so much. I missed them so much. So watching them for longer period of time than just one month is really awesome. Like, yay awesome~! For this round of promotions, they are showing their feminine side and the songs they released so far were about love. I heard some fans are quite surprised (and maybe a bit disappointed) about the image change from fierce 2NE1 to girly 2NE1. Personally, I’m loving it~ Like omgfgasafdsfghf Dara and Minji in a dress or skirt. Even fans can’t deny they are happy with that. :D

They first released a song last July  and it’s called Falling in Love:

The song is really groovy. Although, I was surprised at first because we already heard some “snippets” of this song in the first I Love You Comeback stage last year. But that surprised ended when I learned to love this song. This song makes me happy and groovy and everything. I especially love the choreography which is made by a Japanese dancer/choreographer Koharu Sugawara. Really, really awesome choreo. I still believe that this is the best choreo for 2NE1 so far.

Sharing the dance practice video because you just have to watch it to appreciate the dance. Dara really improved a lot. I’m so proud of her! <3

For August, they released Do You Love Me which was promoted as “2NE1-like” but is still love themed:

This is such a great song! I do believe it’s their best song so far. (Tho a lot of people still prefer I Am The Best.) I can’t think of anything I don’t like in this song. The dance is cute too! And the music is so fun to watch. CL just really caught my attention in the MV. She is just so freaking sexy~! That mole! Asdffghjklghkfgjf.

I love dance practice videos~ <3

I'm really loving this promotion and I can't wait for the next song which I heard will be a ballad? Speaking of ballads or acoustics, this acoustic version of Falling in Love is just perfection:

Well maybe except for Bom. I’m not a fan of her way of singing in this version. But I heard she was sick so I understand. CL and Minji on the other hand, did really great and Dara just surprised me.

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