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As a huge BLACKJACK myself and a bit of a VIP, I promised myself that I would buy CDs of my dearest 2NE1 and Big Bang. I was a bit lucky last December and had spare money to buy myself these:

Big Bang Special Edition - PH version

Big Bang Special Edition – PH version

I haven’t really bought any Korean versions of any Big Bang CDs. Yet. Lucky me, All of the Philippine releases so far are acceptable if not decent.  2NE1′s Philippine versions, on the other hand, really suck. :angry: I wonder why, actually? Is it because 2NE1 is pricey that’s why they had to cut the budget on production of their Philippine versions? Btw, I’m not talking about YG here huh. I’m talking about Universal Records as they are the importer of most K-pop CDs here including 2NE1 and Big Bang.

2NE1 Go AWay Japanese Version - Regular Edition

2NE1 Go AWay Japanese Version – Regular Edition

I decided to just get regular editions of their Japanese releases because Japanese releases are really pricey and well, I figured I can just download the DVD extras which are included in the limited edition ones.

I’m actually don’t have much money right now for 2NE1 but I really want to get the other CDs I don’t have yet. Like Nolza Japanese version mini-album and Nolza Live album. The Second Mini-album I ordered is on the way. I hope. Frankly, I don’t trust the seller I brought it from. I really regret choosing his store.  I also ordered the Nolza Concert DVD from 2NE1PH and I’m just waiting for it to arrive. (Tho I have to settle the remaining 50% balance first.)

You could say I’m a happy Blackjack but I’m also a broke Blackjack.  I still have two more past CDs to buy and 2NE1 is going to release a new Japanese single on February. I NEED to buy that as well. ^_^;

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One thought on “I support YG Family~!

  1. Belleh

    Lol! I’m just like you. I support SHINee World but I’m a broke shawol u__u.. lol! I didn’t know they change the albums they sell in the Philippines. I thought they just export it and sell it in music stores o.o or is it just for some kpop albums?
    Its okay even if you get broke after buying their albums. Its worth it naman hehe :)
    Oh and thank you for watching our dance cover video hehe. We didn’t do a 2ne1 song as a group but my cousin dance I Am The Best for the dance contest in Allkpop before. Here’s the link hehe you should watch it xD and maybe subscribe too? since we need viewers and subscribers @_@ Thank you~

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