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byousoku 5cm
I just realized I haven’t blogged for over a month! *gasp* Right now, I’m waiting for my Mcnuggets (Yes, I know it’s bad for me!) so I figured I should take the chance to blog now while waiting. It should be here by the time I finish this. Or… I don’t know.

Anyways, HELLO OCTOBER! (/*^^)/!! I know… I know, I’m like 20 days late. I’ve been very busy.. kinda over the past month hence thew lack of blog posts. I could have posted during the weekends but I’d rather do nothing and lay down than use my fingers… and brain.

For the few days now, I’ve been trying to update/sort my Anime MP3 collection. I haven’t actually tried to sort it or listen to it in maybe almost a decade. I’m kinda OC when it comes to my music collection so I’m kind of starting from the beginning again and by that I mean going to and browsing from A-Z. Here’s what I’m doing: I redownload anime songs I know from the past as well as anime songs from anime series I watched over the years that I don’t have yet. And then, I also fix the mp3 tags to the correct official title and artist (mostly I find the kanji/kana titles if it’s the official). And I also find the official cover of OST or the artist’s single cover. This is a very troublesome thing to do, I know. It’s like work T.T But I can’t help it~

Next month, me, Floyd and some of my friends from my old (now gone) forum will have a private pool gathering in Laguna which is maybe 2-hour drive from home. I pretty much went all the way in terms of money for this gathering but I’m okay with it. We haven’t had gathering like this since 2009 and who knows when the next one will be. I am really excited~!

I’m still at B in my mp3 sorting and I stopped at Byousoku 5cm which has an awesome theme song:

One more time, One more chance by Masayoshi Yamazaki

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3 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. Xian

    Hello! I’ve updated too! Nice! AHAHAHAHA!

  2. Thea

    I still need to update mine. I haven’t updated since May. :(
    I can’t go to the pool thing though. Was it really 2009? Yun ba yung sa SM North?

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