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Woot! Finally! I received this yesterday~! 2NE1 – SCREAM CD+DVD Limited Edition A. I’m so happy! SCREAM is such an addicting song and the music video is so good. I love it! And that it is charting in Oricon charts. I’m so proud of my girls.♥ My next buy is definitely 2NE1 – COLLECTION album. Must save money~

I love this song because, well, this is 2NE1′s first ever Japanese single. And it sounds a little bit different from the rest of their songs, like it has a unique flavor. Maybe because it’s promoted as a J-pop song and I love J-pop! :3

2NE1 – Scream MV + Scream making & 2NE1 in… by 2NE1-FRANCE

What I love about this version of SCREAM single, is they have the clip of 2NE1 in the Philippines when they had the mini-concert last June 2011. That was a memorable event in my life.

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One thought on “Got my 2NE1 – SCREAM LE A~

  1. Lady

    More of 2NE1 fan ka talaga mameh XD
    grabe ang mahal nang Japanese editions ( T-T)
    Ah btw! may english subs ba yung DVD?

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