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Merry Christmas! <3

Before anything else, Let me, Kobato-chan and Ioryogi-san greet you a Merry Christmas! It’s gonna be just two nights away. Are you excited? :sparkle: Me, not really but I wanna have fun! I might visit our Bamboo Organ church tonight and take pictures. I hope I can persuade someone to accompany me though. :evilsmile:

December is gonna end soon – that means it’s gonna be 2010 in less that two weeks! (Or is it just one week?) Wow, I can’t believe 2009 will be over soon~ I can’t believe I’m living with Floyd and his family for a year already! :o

A lot of things happened to me this December. First, of course, was the Kpop Convention I blogged about last time. Second was 5th Anniversary with Floyd. :heart2: As usual, it wasn’t really different with our other dates but I was really happy! :haha: We ate lunch at Pizza Hut and tried their pasta offers, specifically the Seafood Supremo. I love it! :loove: Then, we went and bought pirated DVDs like Liar Game Season 1, You’re Beautiful and Kiiroi Namida. I’ve been wanting to watch them for months now but was really lazy to download them. Sorry, guys. :(

Liar Game

The manga is included in my read list but for some reason, I stop reading it when they won the second round. I don’t know if the drama did a great adaptation but I like it. Though, I can’t say that I like Kanzaki Nao. I know she’s way too honest and stuff but getting fooled so many times (by the same person) is dumb. And I don’t really like the fact that she always needs to be saved by Akiyama Shinichi for her to win (Especially in the risutora round). Can she just win out of her own effort?

Btw, Matsuda Shota is hot. :heart2:

You're Beautiful

ASDFGHJKL. I’m in love with this drama, You’re Beautiful! A.N.JELL~  :loove: :heart2: And I’m quite surprised with that because I’m not really into Korean Dramas. I’m more into J-dramas~ The last k-drama I watch was Goong (Princess Hours) and even though I enjoyed watching it, it didn’t became one of my faves. Back to YB. Like I said, I love this drama and everything about it. Even UEE’s character! (Well, mainly because she didn’t expose Go Mi Nam’s true identity. She had opportunities and reasons but she didn’t!) My favorite A.N.JELL member is hyung-nim, Hwang Tae Kyung! I really like boys with “Ore-sama” attitude. Floyd is even like that. LOL

Another event for me this December is my forum’s – Terebi Adikz Community‘s  December 30 gathering/EB. Initially, it’s a Karaoke EB but due to some changes, it’s gonna be like an open EB? I mean, we’re still going to karaoke but we’ll add some activity before that – like hanging out in Greenbelt Park in Makati or going to arcade. Well, I’m not really sure~ :surprised: but I hope that it’s gonna be successful.

Again, Merry Christmas!

PS: I’m a gleek now. I love Glee!

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  1. nyuu

    MERRY XMAS!! wow you December is filled with fun events ^-^
    haha GLEE is awesome.

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