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I decided to enjoy my life as it is. My life isn’t that bad. I have a wonderful boyfriend. <3 He is not perfect of course – he sometimes annoys me but at least he’s here with me and for me. (hearts) Well, I’m mainly writing this because of my so-called high school “friends”. Yes, I’m kinda dedicating this post to them. I don’t want to share what happened recently. Let’s say, I finally realized that they’re not my true friends anymore. Maybe before they were but right now, it’s so clear that the friendship is all over.

Last night, I attended the Backstreet Boys concert (I am blogging about this later) in Araneta Coliseum – alone. It wasn’t bad – going out alone. I used to think that I always need to be with someone when going out. But really, doing things all by yourself is much, much alright than what I imagined. It may look like lonely from outsiders view but it actually isn’t. This reminds me of the Japanese drama I’ve watched last fall – Ohitorisama. The main woman, Akiyama Satomi likes to do things all by herself. She wasn’t really lonely. In fact, she enjoys her life. And even though she ended with someone (who’s younger than her, btw 8) ) in the end, it wasn’t really an “I’m-alone-and-lonely-I-need-someone” kind of story. Well, she still enjoys being alone at the end of the story. (thumbs up)

So what I’m trying to say is who needs those friends of mine? I was like a fool trying to mend things. I used to think I need to know their side and them to know my side but with what happened last night, I think it’s really the best if I forget about them – surely, they don’t care about me anymore. Do I sound bitter? Well, I think being bitter is better than having false hopes that we can all still be friends.

So I’ll just enjoy my life as it is, work hard for my loved ones, get instant life insurance quote, treat myself alone if Floyd or my mom can’t come and meet new people or bond with old friends. I still have my college friends and online friends, anyway. d;

I am at peace right now. I can be happy now. Yay! :haha:

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Twenty-something fangirl-blogger who grew up watching Anime and reading Manga. Likes to watch tons of American, British, and Japanese shows. She adores Arashi especially Sakurai Sho, 2NE1, Big Bang, Zone, Perfume, to name a few. She works as a freelance WordPress Theme Designer .

8 thoughts on “Enjoy Life.

  1. passerby

    yeah, being alone sometimes is not that bad at all .. btw, you got a nice layout hehe

  2. Nelson

    How was the concert? I originally intended to watch it with a college friend but things turned out bad between us. And yes, you don’t always have to be with someone when going to places or watching events.

    • Rozeh

      The concert was fun!!!! I really enjoyed it! (thumbs up) I paid for the upper box A ticket and it was worth it. <3

      Yes, I now know that it isn’t really bad to go alone to places. I used to be the “oh-I’ll-go-there-if-you-go-there kind of person. Now that I’ve experienced to go alone, I’ll enjoy going to places all by myself from now on.

  3. Justin

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    - Justin

  4. Xian

    Well it’s really better if those friend of yours who you finally realize aren’t true MUST BE FORGET and MOVE ON :)

    Marami pa naman tao dyan na makikilala mo and well in fact you are not totally alone. So kesa naman ipagsiksikan mo ang sarili mo sa AYAW na nga, then ikaw na lang lumayo :) and find those who you think are true to you :)

    I envy you, i want backstreet boys too XDDD!! HAHAHAHA!!

    Well, bitter pa din ako sa SUPER JUNIOR XDDD!!

  5. Isha

    OMG. Backstreetboys concert? I’m envying you right now!! *dies*

    I’d be really sad if I lose my highschool friends because they’re my best friends. But if I know that the friendship wouldnt work anymore, I’d rather end it than pretend that we can still be friends. :)

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