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Long time no err.. blog! :-P

I’m not really busy. Still the same daily things, actually. It’s just that I was kinda unsatisfied with the previous version’s  well, appearance.  >_<  And the categories and posts and stuff were messy. :sick:  And blah blah blah. I was thinking like “I have to do something with the layout before I blog again!” But as you see now, It took me two months to do all that. orz

I know right. I fail at blogging. T_T

So here I am with a fresh installed wordpress blog. Welcome!  I like the theme, simple and minimalist. I’m so in love with minimalist themes!

PS: Old posts are now here!

I’ll fix and add things up once I got back in Paranaque. I’m currently here in Las Pinas.

Tired. Sleep time. Bai.

This is it! I’m going to get a laptop, this time for real! I managed to save money this month and now, I decided to buy the laptop of one of Floyd’s customers (who lives near our house in Las Piñas) It’s second hand though but that’s okay because he rarely used it so it’s like in mint condition and it’s an Acer Aspire something.  [heart] I’ll post some pictures of it when I get it. I was supposed to buy a laptop last February but something happened and a lot of things happened after that. Oh well, I don’t want to think about that. (sad)

naoki_and_kotoko_againYesterday I found out about a certain news that really made my day. Itazura na Kiss is going to get publish by Digital Manga Publishing! You know what that means? That means, an english version of my most favourite shoujo/josei manga of all time, no my most favourite story of all time! I can finally collect it! (≧∇≦) I know there’s scanlation but it’s really slow and having ItaKiss  in my shelf is what I really want for ages! My only concern though, is what will DMP do about the unfortunate fact that the manga is unfinished due to the mangaka, Tada Kaoru’s sudden death? I fear that they might not finish publishing it up to volume 23. (Well, because people might hesitate to buy it because it’s unfinished. The sales might get affected?) o_o
I should be more positive!
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