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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood aka Fullmetal Alchemist remake:
When it comes to humor, I think I like the first series more. Episode 3 is like the first’s episode 1 (or maybe onwards) and I know that episode 1 was funny. I don’t know. I really think the first series was funnier.

The show is interesting enough for me to watch. I mean it’s funny enough. Continue reading Spring 2009 Anime Watchlist Update:→

I’m too lazy these past few days. I’m just so not in the mood. I have a lot of stuff to write about but I just don’t have the energy to type. If I can only just talk. lol. But I’m not really that confident with my oral english. [nono]

I should be doing work too. But I just really don’t have the energy to start a PSD. :sigh:

I’ve done something with this site of mine. If you’ve visited this site before, then you probably noticed that the color scheme has changed. It’s now orange! :heart2: It used to be pink. I’m planning to frequently change the colors every now and then.

If you want to use or the check out the pink version, just click the pink box just above my picture in the sidebar. It took me days to learn all that style switching thing. A big thanks to Blogohblog’s tutorial!  (thumbs up)

Love Shuffle is a drama which is not like any other. I mean the story is really out of the ordinary. It revolves around four people who live in the same floor of an apartment and their lovers – their relationships. Well, one day they met in an elevator, got stucked due to a power failure. They talked about their love lives and went to their rooms after the power came back. The next day, they decided to do an activity called “Love Shuffle” – exchanging boyfriend/girlfriend with one other – weekly. Yes, that is just so freaking unbelievable… and everybody agreed, including their partners! #omg# Continue reading Half way through Love Shuffle→

I got swindled. I got scammed. [shocked] /cry

All of my 11,000 pesos was gone, in an instant. I’m still shocked. I feel like I can’t go on.

For almost a month, I’ve been saving money to get myself a laptop. I am a fool to try my luck on Ebay Phillippines. /tear“
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