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A few months back, a cousin of mine got married and he had a huge, grand wedding and all. I didn’t attend the wedding because I’m not into parties but my mother attended it and she told me that it was amazing. Aside from the big reception, they had something like, a mini bar where you can try a bunch of drinks. And a photo booth where you can take pictures how many times you want (and you can take it home too) and as for the give away, they have something like this save the date cards stuff that had the groom and bride’s pictures on it.

Since I’m kinda lazy to make a graphic,

(and Happy Birthday to meee! (*´∀`*) )

So I’ve been thinking about this blog, it’s obvious that this one is full of paid blog posts. ^_^; I think it lacks real posts or more like it lacks real posts that receives comments! #crying# So I’m thinking, maybe I should post more stuff that actually concern me…. But I’m usually just at home, doing nothing not-so important stuff that I don’t think I need to blog. (Maybe my blog life is really over – I’m just keeping this for the moolah?) #sad# Aaaaah, I need to think about something to blog! :x_x: And I’ll try to ex-links with a bunch of people while I’m at this. And uuuhhhm, I think I’ll try to comment on other blogs as well. ^_^;

Anyway, I was tagged by my hostee and OL friend, Xian (thanks for tagging me btw!) who didn’t notify me about this at all. LOL

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So uhm 7 things about me (in no particular order):

  1. I’m weird. I act weird. If you’ve met me, you probably know what I mean.
  2. I didn’t finish my college studies and I don’t really work. I’m just a bum. I work at home, trying a few ways to earn money online.
  3. I recently discovered that I can cook and starting to love doing it but I hate going out so I really hate shopping for groceries/ingredients.
  4. I don’t have much experience in drinking alcohol. I guess maybe I drank 2 times in my life so far.
  5. I’m usually lazy most of the time. I procrastinate a lot more than a human should.
  6. Like Xian, I hate spicy food too.
  7. I’m way too serious. Sometimes, I usually don’t get a joke. But Arashi can make me laugh for sure. [heart]

Tagging people later, will fine people to ex-links first. #smiling#

You know like I said in my previous post I’ve been reading the Bakuman manga. #approve# And reading it made me realize, remember something – my so called dreams or goals. :sparkle: 6 or 7 years ago, I remember I became fascinated about web design. [nod] That was when I just learned about how to use the computer and browse the world wide web. ^_^; Of course, the first thing I searched online was anime. It was always that. And then I happened to discover the existence of forums, met online friends and got introduced to the world of fansites and shrines. That was when I finally decided to study HTML and eventually CSS online, on my own. And then there was the blogging trend. It wasn’t like how the blogosphere is now. I was just blogging my life and nonsense stuff. Then I made blog friends and through them, I was inspired to make my own (anime) layouts. I don’t know if I’ve improved but I want to say yeah, I’ve improved. #cool#

I really fell in love with web and graphic design that time. I know it was mostly anime-centric but that was when I really loved doing it. My dream back then was maintain an anime graphics site and make layouts and designs and stuff. Apparently, I didn’t haven’t fulfilled that dream yet. RL stuff happened and 3 years ago, I decided to become a freelance web designer. I think I did experienced stuff when I decided to become one. I even made a layout/template for a small company’s website. I got employed for a brief time as a web designer template editor in Makati, etc.

I guess I don’t want people/clients to criticize my works (and then make changes for them) so maybe that’s why I settled as a WordPress theme designer/seller (which is I think one of the best small business to start online). (thumbs up) I’ve been doing this for 3 years already. Looking back, even tho I think my coding has improved and stuff, I haven’t leveled up at all. (err, maybe a bit…) Heck, I haven’t even fully learned PHP yet. #angry# With this, I admit I think of moving on with something new sometimes. Like maybe getting a normal job? But I know I’m not suited for normal jobs. orz

That’s why, I’m still hanging on this path I’ve chosen. I got to. And since I’m still here, why not go back to my anime design roots while still selling my wordpress themes? #nerdy# Of course, I still need to continue and improve on this wordpress themes business. There are tons and tons of people who are better than me in this field.
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I’m back to reading manga again. And by that, I mean direct downloads. I kind of just read manga online for the past 1-2 years. Anyway, one of the series I started to read was Bakuman (because the anime made me read it LOL ) It’s really interesting. About two young guys who want to be manga artists. The story revovles around the manga business. I’m not sure if that’s like in the real “mangaka” world in Japan tho. But it’s cool. (thumbs up) It’s so cool that I’m almost near to the latest chapter in 2 days. :laugh2: this is kind of my problem – when I get hooked, I can’t stop until I reach the end. Maybe this is gluttony? (woah)