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You know what the silly thing I did last April? I cut my hair to have bangs. x__x I know bangs are never for me. I don’t look good with it. Maybe before when I was a kid and my hair was still straight and I still looked cute. But I don’t know what got into me to cut my hair and have this messed up bangs. Uhm maybe I just liked Mercedes Jone’s curly hair in the “Born This Way” episode of Glee. I thought I’d look good with it. But no, the bangs didn’t look good and I found out the Mercedes’ curly hair was just a wig. -_-

Yesterday, I posted 2NE1′s I am The Best performance in SBS Ingkigayo, now the music video is finally here! And that’s after a lot of delays. (Well, not really.) I tell you, it’s worth the wait. ;P

credit: 2NE1 Official YT account

I’d like to say this MV is baddass, but that’s not news anymore, right? It actually reminds me of Can’t Nobody MV. But I think this one is much better? I love the costumes, especially at the end. :heart:

I’m already so hooked to this song! /sparkle


I love the dance steps. I love the fierceness. I love everything.

Saiyan!Dara is love love love <3.

Spring Goddess Bom is SUPER GORGEOUS as usual.

CL Leadah always has the attitude and fierceness and her STAGE PRESENCE IS WOAH.

Baby Mingkki and her moves. OMG!

I’m a happy blackjack! Can’t wait for 10pm KST for the MV.


I’m watchng new stuff again. Yay. Besides anime, which I think I need to do a separate post for it, new UK and US shows. I’m not the reviewer type but I need to post this.


Now this show screams EPIC and BRILLIANCE all over it. I am actually spechless but modern-day Sherlock Holmes? Oh yes! Benedict Cumberbatch (Yay, I now remember his surname~) is so brilliant, amazing as Sherlock Holmes and so is Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. I just saw the unaired pilot last night and, uhm, I think A Study in Pink was a big improvement. (Of course, it is. :P)

Check ou these challenge coins

Game of Thrones

Winter is coming. Yes, I’m watching this one. I was suprised with the naked/sex scenes but generally, I think Im okay with it. The story keeps me going. I am taking a liking to the imp, Tyrion Lannister for some reasons. I hope he’s not evil. I’m currently at episode 5.
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So after 4 days, I’m here writing my fanaccount/experience regarding 2NE1′s “mini-concert” in Manila called THE PARTY. Better late than never, ayt?

I initially wanted to go to The Party just barely on time because I don’t want to get tired or tired-looking when the actual concert is happening. But I got pretty excited and plus my fangirl buddy and seatmate Asrai was already there by lunch so I went there at that early in time. So yeah, I did my makeup and all before going but I ended up looking haggard at the time of the concert. #ohnoes#

So when I arrived, we tried to look around at the FIESTA, which was a pre-event thing where a bunch of sellers are selling 2ne1 and other k-pop merchandise. To be honest, I was not really interested because I’m more interested in official merchandise etc. =P Besides, Asrai had already bought me an I love Bom banner. <3 Bom is goddess-like y/y? Especially when they arrived in Manila, the pictures taken showed she was nothing but GORGEOUS! <3 But I love all the girls, k? *kekeke*

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