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It’s official, I am jobless yet again.

So after 4 months of a really stressful environment and pushing myself to the limit, you know what, I regret ever applying for the job. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I have mixed feelings with the job to begin with. I so wish I didn’t went trough all of it. I knew myself that I was only somewhat capable. and I wish I have followed my observations in the beginning. I admit, I was blinded by the salary I got which is the highest salary I got ever. At least, I experienced having that kind of salary and I did learn some things that I didn’t knew before. So I guess, not all is wasted.

But still, this  is a shock to me. I really thought at the beginning that I will be able to have this job for a while. But that changed, well that changed when something changed. And I really hate it that this cost me my other domain which I didn’t had the time to renew. :[

Oh well. At least, I have more time with other pressing matters like my health and actually learning new things which I really I want to do.


konata pc crying

I’ve used the blog title before, like a year ago. I can’t think of a proper title and it’s kind of fitting since it’s been like 3 months since I last blogged. And it’s gonna be October in  a few days. =P Anyway, I’ve been wanting to blog… but I am just extremely busy! Especially this month, I was working on a project. It is kind of big. I just turned it over to my boss. I am not confident that it’s perfect but I guess I am proud that I reached this day, although it’s delayed for like 3 days. Honestly, I am disappointed at myself that I didn’t meet the deadline but I did my best. And I mean it, I really did my best.

So in two weeks time,  I will be officially working at my job for 3 months. I am tracking my stay because I want to push myself and I want to celebrate because even though this is a stressful month, I want to keep this job. I mean, this is the kind of job I wanted for the longest time. Like since forever.

I am glad that it’s finally weekend. This is my much awaited rest. I’ve been working during weekends this month and since I turned the project over already, I am free for now. I bet though, that there will be tons of updates on Monday.

October, please be good to me.

Since I blogged about my recent emo thoughts about my life and career, I feel that it’s right to update this blog with the recent turn of events. So, the day after the interview  (and while I was typing the previous blog post), I received a call from the company. They told me they will test me for a week to see what I can do and that I will be getting paid for this trial period. I said ok because well, it’s my chance to possibly get a new job. But to be honest, I’d me much relieved  if I didn’t get the job. Although, I’d be heartbroken, at least I know I will not embarrass myself. I’m only feeling this because I know my limitations and this new job is kind of new territory for me. And like, I don’t know half of the job responsibilities. I do think that they’re nothing that I can’t learn but I feel like I need more time to fully learn them before actually accepting or having a job like this.

But I’m here now and I did accept the offer. And I’ve been learning and practicing this framework which is kind of my assignment last weekend before I start today. I’ve think I’ve learn the needed parts and for the rest, there is a documentation that is in the framework’s website. What I am completely nervous about is when there is a part of the project that I need to do and I am completely clueless about it.

I guess maybe because the application process took for a week and I had to go back to their office three times. Then I know I failed the exam and the interview was so unclear, I don’t remember most of it. And now they are putting me on a “trial” period (I’m not officially hired yet, I feel like it’s still part of the application process) which puts a lot of pressure on me. :(

The only positivity I am seeing is, maybe they see a potential in me or even think I am qualified because this is the business world, they wouldn’t like play around accepting people who can’t do the job. So I guess, that gives me confidence – just a little though.

I know maybe I shouldn’t worry about these things that much. I just hope that they take things slow and let me work on easier projects first.

By the way, the  job follows UK time which means my work is from 4pm to 1am. I am also kind of nervous to go home at 1am in the morning but I guess I just have to. Wish me luck.

Hi, it’s been a while. I’ve been really busy for the last couple of months. Especially with 2NE1 AON concert stuff (I’m a 2NE1PH staff) which turned out to be a complete – well, I’m not saying the word but let’s just say, I have a lot of regrets. I am not in the mood to talk about it. And I’d like to think I’ve moved on. So on with new things.

If you’ve noticed, I changed the layout of this blog. I did a few mockups before deciding on this one. The layout turned out just ok though – for me. I feel like there’s still something missing. And I still need to add a few features like make it responsive but that’s for another day or time. I just want to blog right now.

This is actually a fresh install of WordPress. I’ve been wanting to do this. Especially, I wanted to stay away from paid blogging. I know it’s good for extra income but I want to be a genuine personal blogger. I can stand a few banner ads here at my site but paid blogging is just too much for me.

By the way, the shoutbox in the sidebar is a WordPress plugin I created. It’s my first time to create a plugin and yes I know it’s just a shoutbox. I am just a newbie at this. I worked on it on and off since November. I feel so proud. =D I decided to create a shoutbox plugin because there aren’t really decent shoutboxes out there after shoutmix (which is now paid unfortunately), aren’t there? Right now, it’s in its “test phase” because I don’t know if the codes really work. LOL. I hope so.

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